Monday, August 23, 2004

The Spectre of Dipsie make another comeback

CNN have a paper on The next Google! It is about Eurekster and Dipsie who hope to become the next big thing.

Eurekster is up and running and going better from test to test I performed with the exceptions of is MSN search URL in the results and some feature I don't like (most popular, recent searches).

But Dipsie is a really weird choice to put it in the next big thing ! Here some of a march 2004 interview with Jason Wiener:
You won't be able to search for yourself until May 10, when Dipsie's search engine ( will open to the public with 5 billion documents in its index -- about 16.5 percent more than Google's index. (An index is the place where documents are stored so users can retrieve them when they search.)

Oups... Whe are at the end of august now!
Yahoo grab the web and a 2-3 billion documents in a few weeks only after leaving the Google results!
The result is what Wiener describes as Dipsie's "robotic" technology that Wiener said enables Dipsie to locate 99 percent of the documents on the Web -- content that Google and rival search engine Yahoo ignore, Wiener said.

How come nobody have ever see their Dipsie-bot in their log files ? I ask this question in a few forums, I look over a dozen clients log files and we never saw is trace! Also I never see anyone who get any reply of the Dipsie SEO Beta Signup !

I heard you thinking about Vaporware?

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