Saturday, August 07, 2004

Firefox and Mozilla Custom Keywords : A real timesaver for search

I was keeping my old Internet Explorer just because of a toolbar who help a lot to pre-program my search and who only work for IE. But that's over now for the Bill's browser.

Tired to go to your favorite search engine and type long sequence of characters in search box like this one ?

Here a query to find all the page at Google on the site

Here is what I do now for exactly the same result :(and for any othe domain name ending by .com)

How I do that on the Address Bar of Firefox (or Mozilla) ?

1- Go to your favorite engine and type your normal query.
2- Take the beginning of the resulting URL (where is the logo) and drop-it in a folder you have made in your personnal toolbar.
Note: The bookmark itself will not be useful. It's his association with a keyword who are important. And to remember easily all your keywords, my personnal trick is to put it in a folder in your personnal toolbar.

3- Go to that folder where is now the bookmark and right click on it and choose Properties

Go to the location box and change the domain name (or the word on your query) by "%s" (whitout the quote)
Before :
After :

4- Enter the keyword you want in "Keyword Box:" gs
5- Also it is a good idea to put also the keyword you just enter in the "Name Box:" to remember it: (gs)

Result : Now for each site, ending by .com, I want to know how many pages Google have in is index a just type :
"gs name-of-the-site" without any other characters (site:, www, .com) in my address bar of Firefox !!!

6- Repeat step 1 to 5, for each site you visit often (who got a search box) and type the queries you make on them directly in the address bar on Firefox or Mozilla.

Note: You can't pass more than one parameter. .
I try using it for a "link:%s(domain name) -site:%s(domain name)" and the second parameter remain "%s" in the query string.

Here is my favorite searches folder who help me to remember all my keywords :

Enjoy you new fast searches with Firefox

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