Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Exalead Upgrade Again : 3.5 Billion Documents

Seem Exalead have take steroids recently ;-) They add another 444,607,025 pages to their index in two weeks but miss the prediction by 500k !

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Google : Three New Datacenters at 25 Billion Pages

Three new datacenters, since yesterday, are now at 25 Billions : (www-dc) (Big Daddy) (www-mc)

We are now at six ! When will this hit Google.com ?

Update 31 jan : Seem some of the datacenters give some different results at different time !!!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Google Should Reach 25 Billion Indexed Documents

Some datacenters of Google display now 25,270,000,000 results. That's more than the double of the last estimate index of around 9,6 to 11,6 billion. Here the ones : (Big Daddy)

Here is some small comparison tests :


But a bigger index didn't mean de facto a better result. I try with my name plus a term associate to me sometimes in french :
Google : Results 1 - 52 of about 407
New DCs : Results 1 - 60 of about 432

  • The new DC's give at position 3 and 4, results from Jux2 ! No so good for that query.
  • Google give me some result where I'm no longer in that page (last comment made) while the new DC's still! No so bad for that result.
  • The new DC's found 6 new results and 2 really worth it.
The best way to find it is useful for you is to test by your own.

Update : After a few test, it is better on popular/commercial terms, but with unusual query it still have a bit more of garbage.

PS: The new algo seem to favor shorter title tag !

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google Is Destined To Fail In China

A rarely signed article of China Tech News, from Perry Wu, on the Google foothole in China :

I was attending a small wedding for one of China's Internet gurus, and the CEOs from many of China's top technology companies were in attendance. They were all chums and getting along fine, even though the press portrays them as vicious competitors. Can Google sit at that table? No, it doesn't have the pedigree and it has not "eaten the bitterness" that the other domestic firms have ingested.

Google is a very open company when it comes to press releases and movements within its firm. But there are many things that can happen to a business in China that might seem fine on the mainland, but won't work in the halls of Wall Street or in the glare of Sarbanes-Oxley. Sohu.com has gotten away with the firing of top executives without notice to the press. Sina.com gets embroiled in a lawsuit that, if it were an American firm, would get it airtime on CBS's "60 Minutes" show, but in China it only gets a few quick blurbs in the Chinese press. Can Google live like this? Can it look itself in the mirror each morning and say "No Evil!" or will it instead say, "Hear no evil; See no evil"?
I'm not sure this will be the same after the olympic ! The chineses are already awake, but after the world will be !

Google China : And your Morality ?

I'm real tired to read majorities of thoses stories about evil and censorship.

  1. First, for who follow a bit the China Web tendancies since a few years, nothing have, - and will-, change at all for Google since 2002 !
  2. Second, did you think the filters have make any difference for *the chineses* who wants to have access to something ? They have absolutely no problem to reach anything. We can compare this as a beta SafeSearch Filtering !!!
  3. Third, China and Google are really so evil ? Why I see your car on the WallMart parking every week and why every big corporation comply to the chinese communist party rules ?
Hypocrisy !!!
PS: But if I read something about Google let Gmail open in China, and after give some private informations of an possible offender to the Chines governement, it will then be a different ball game !

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brand 2005 : Google Back and Skype in third

Google is back over Apple, but a new contender is third Skype. My bet is Skype will be the winner next year. Even if I live in North America, I receive this sunday; 2 "standard" phone calls and 5 Skype phone call ! And with Pamela for Skype I also get automatic call answering machine !

Just hope the Interbrand will take more in account the asia market in it next year ranking. Asian market will then have more english speaking peoples than anywhere else in the world !!!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Worst Week Ever for Goog

Almost a $60 dollars drop for Goog ! It's seem the fed story to be for something in that decline !?!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Miserable Failure Administration Want Google Data

It's the weirdest request I ever read :
...The government contends it needs the Google data to determine how often pornography shows up in online searches.

In court papers filed in U.S. District Court in San Jose, Justice Department lawyers revealed that Google has refused to comply with a subpoena issued last year for the records, which include a request for 1 million random Web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period.

Any idiot will never buy this reason ! It's like if DOJ ask the New York Times a year of their newspapers with all the subscribers, readers and advertisers list to find out ads about... escorts. Come on guys !

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Baidu is Back

Baidu come back after a lot of competition in the Asia market since april 2004. It is now the fourth most popular web sites on the planet. Watch it Google !

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My 2006 prediction to save traditionnal media : You have to open up your archive !

Here a small part of a canadian media study I work on since a few weeks:

In the red corner : Canada.com (CanWest Global Communications Corp is one of the biggest media in Canada );

* Victoria Times Colonist
* Vancouver Province
* Vancouver Sun
* Edmonton Journal
* Calgary Herald
* Regina Leader-Post
* Saskatoon StarPhoenix
* Windsor Star
* Ottawa Citizen
* Montreal Gazette
* Dawson Creek
* Fort St. John
* Kamloops
* Kelowna
* Nanaimo
* Prince George
* Prince Rupert
* Trail
* Lethbridge
* Red Deer
* Vancouver Island Newspapers
* VANNET Newspapers

And the city guides :

* Victoria
* Vancouver
* Edmonton
* Calgary
* Regina
* Saskatoon
* Winnipeg
* Windsor
* Hamilton
* Toronto
* Ottawa
* Montreal
* Halifax
* Dawson Creek
* Fort St. John
* Kamloops
* Kelowna
* Nanaimo
* Prince George
* Prince Rupert
* Trail
* Lethbridge
* Red Deer

Total of indexed pages for all thoses newspapers and guides :874,000 pages in Google with the exception of Astrology who is under a different domain name.

Estimate traffic for all of the network : three million unique visitors a month.
In the blue corner : LeDevoir (Small independant Quebec Newspapers with less than 30,000 daily copies)

* www.ledevoir.com

Total of all the pages indexed : 1,160,00 pages in Google for this unique newspapers

Traffic only from Google in december 2005 : 641,520 visitors

Estimate traffic for this newspapers : At least 1,25 million unique visitors a month.


Conclusion :
The tradionnal media have to open up their archives. The newspapers Ledevoir.com site have mixed articles, some are totaly free and some other are lock and give only one or two sentenses of the articles for free. But after a while, all thoses articles are crawlable by search engines thru 2002, and that's why this small media business have a unique and very performant model on the web.

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Google Acquisition and Partnership

dMarc Broadcasting have been acquired by Google. After the Print Ads, Google move on the radio market with the dMarc system which is similar to the AdWord's one.
Also, Google have made a partnership with the Canada.com network to promote search and advertising.

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Quaero : A lot of speculation

Quaero which means "search" in latin have a very weird first press meme. For a lot of peoples it will be the next Google killer and for other it's more an multimedia search tool with a lot of automation techniques :
The search engine utilizes techniques for recognizing, transcribing, indexing, and automatic translation of audiovisual documents ant it will operate in several languages. There is also mention of automatic recognition and indexing of images.

Hum ! I'm a bit skeptical on thoses. May be an improve Singing Fish ?

The players are Deutsche Telecom, France Telecom, Thomson and the search engine Exalead with the help of a lot of public research institutes form France and Germany.

But here it's start to be weird, it's the branding part. Quaero.com is already taken and the Quaero.org, -where the project information are Olivier-, redirect you to www.dfag-2005.com where all information is in a Flash site (Wow! Start good for a Search engine !?! If you choose the french version you will have in the bottom a link on the Quaero project in french.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

All About Search

Nice repository of; search sites, forums and blogs about search and online marketing. Searhlogger.net is the place !

PRASE : Page Rank Assited Search Engine

It can be useful. Search Google, Yahoo and MSN with the range of Pagerank you wish and you can also skip the first results with "Start at".

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Exalead Upgrade to 3 Billion Documents

Exalead have update is database to 3 billion documents. With some terms they will have to search deeper !

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Video Store Now Open

Google Video Store is now open. You can buy video from 50 cents to $19.99 for a movie or a show. You can also by a "Day Pass" for 24 hours. Video are available for Windows, Mac, Ipod Video or Sony PSP.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

The two solitudes

Google Site: Operators showing the 10 first page of the two versions of the Canoe Network

Canoe.ca (English)

Canoe.com (French)

1. www.sunshinegirl.canoe.ca -- Today's SUNshine Girl 1. LCN - Le Web - Le Monde, National, Régional, Faits divers
2. Flirt - Friendship, dating ...and beyond! 2. Webfin ARGENT
3. edmontonsun.com 3. tva.canoe.com
4. CANOE -- CNEWS - Canada's Web Source For News And Information 4. Canoë - Le portail d'information sur l'actualité et le divertissement
5. CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Canada's home page for sports 5. Canoe.com - Le réseau de tous les services Internet / The ...
6. C-Health: Your Health and Wellness Source - powered by MediResource 6. Cartes virtuelles -
7. CANOE -- WHAM! gaming 7. Art de vivre : Clin d'œil - Le premier magazine de mode au Québec
8. CANOE -- JAM 8. Art de vivre : Femme plus - Le magazine de la femme active et épanouie
9. CANOE - Lifewise 9. Canoe – Bulletins
10. CANOE Travel 10. Canoë Santé

Funny to saw the difference in the attraction pole of thoses "two solitudes" !

Google and DivX Partnership

Google is definitively jumping in the video market.
"Our goal with Google Video is to make the world's video content accessible to people, and working with DivX is a very important step toward extending that service beyond the PC to consumer electronics devices."

May be this announcement is why the Google Video Player have been pull out in the Google Pack ?

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Pack Complete List

  1. Google Toolbar for IE
  2. Google Desktop
  3. Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  4. Picasa
  5. RealPlayer
  6. Ad-Aware SE Personal
  7. Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE (with 6 month free update)
  8. Google Talk
  9. Google Earth
  10. GalleryPlayer HD Images (???)
  11. Trillian
  12. Google Pack Screensaver
  13. Adobe Reader 7
  14. Google Video Player (The new program for pay-per-view video)
The about page of Google Pack. Thoses 14 softwares where taken from a .js file I discovered in the Google Pack site.

Update 22h EST : It's now live!

Afterward I strongly think of the leaking (or the subtle appearance of the About page), IS ANOTHER VERY GOOD VIRAL MARKETING MOVE by let thoses files (about.html and the .js too) to be accessible the same day Yahoo promote some other stuff at CES !!!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Google Pack : A Weird Bundle of Programs

Here the list :
  • Google-tweaked version of Firefox,
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader,
  • antivirus software from Symantec,
  • AdAware,
  • Google's own offerings, (Google Desktop Search, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Talk)
But also those two weird's one
  • Trillian
  • RealPlayer
Bizarre to see Trillian in this pack when you got already the Google Talk instant messager ? Also to saw the very old RealPlayer in the list is very weird, when Google Video use Flash Video streaming file !

Via ArsTechnica

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Google Video on Demand

Seem Google Video will have a new commercial turn with video, sports and TV programs on demand. Their two first partners will be CBS Corp. and the National Basketball Association.
It seem to be a streaming offer, not a downloading one ! Will this be the first real diversification of revenue for Google ?

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

AllPeers : A Futur BitTorrent for Newbies as a Firefox Extension

This seem to be an major add-on to the Firefox browsers. Hope to see it soon !

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SEO 2006 Goals : Developing Consciousness of the Web Information

1- Make site more accessible for search engines robots
2- Make site more usable for us.
3- Keep your information. Archive-it.
4- Create a clear network of links.
5- Give information to non-crawlable data.
6- Give your information in many language.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Protopage V2 : How Google Personalization Homepage Should be

Protopage is an highly personalized ; news, sticky notes and bookmark homepage. Based on Ajax, you can customize your page in a amazing number of ways. Unlike Google Personalization Homepage, you're not restrain to some news feed already in the system. The folks at GooglePlex should look at it for Personalization and Google Reader.