Tuesday, December 27, 2005

China and Walmart RFID Haved Problems

Nice news for the Christmas time !

TalkDigger : A New Meta Meme Tool

This is one of the best tools to track conversation about a specific URL. This URL can be a blog post, a news story, a product page, whatever you want to find what people on the web say about it.

Talkdigger will look in thoses sites (Technorati, Google Blog, Bloglines, Feedster, BlogDigger, Icerocket, MSN Search, Google, Yahoo!) to see who is linking to it. It will show you all it can find on thoses sites with a PageRank meter associate to each entry. You can also generate a RSS feed to keep track of your URL in your aggregator. A really cool new tool. The only little problem, for now, is the UTF8 characters parsing in some site.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Videotron DNS and Google/Gmail have Problems

UPDATE 26 december: Seem to been a DNS server problem from our ISP. It should be a good idea for Google to provide on the help page the IP numbers of Gmail.

For the last 24 hours I don't have any access to my Gmail account. Here is what I saw :

I have access to Gmail static pages subdomain without problem, the dynamic one's are very slow to load sometimes and with some other time, will not load at all. No way to access my Gmail account ! The only way to see something is to log on my Google Personalyze homepage, to saw only the header of the new messages I received but can't full read thoses. Frustrating !

I leave message on the gmail forum and I also use the troubleshooting form to tell my problem. I received at my ISP email address this automatic reply email :


Thanks for taking the time to send us your report. Please consult our technical issue help pages at: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/request.py?troubleshoot=1&ctx=troubleshoot
for guided assistance with the problem you're experiencing. Just click 'Invitations/Registration' or 'Login/Account Access' to begin the process.

If your browser gets stuck on 'Loading' when you log in to Gmail, please visit the following link to troubleshoot the issue:

If you can't access your account, please disable any Internet security or
personal firewall software installed on your computer for troubleshooting
purposes. Then, clear your browser's cache, and try logging in to Gmail.
If you are still unable to access your account, please respond to this
message, and include answers to the questions provided at the end of this
message. We'll then be able to investigate the issue, and assist you

We're sorry, but we can't respond to inquiries regarding feature requests
and feedback. Please know that your comments are important to us, and we
read each individual message. All suggestions, feedback, and feature
requests are forwarded to the appropriate teams. Thanks for helping us
make improvements to Gmail.


The Gmail Team

1) When are you encountering difficulties? Are you receiving any specific
error messages?

2) How often does this occur? Is this your first time you've seen this
problem or has it been a consistent issue?

3) What operating system are you using? Example: MAC 9.2.1.

4) What browser version are you using? Please specify the exact version.
(In Internet Explorer, use 'About Internet Explorer' in the Help menu; in
Netscape, use 'About Communicator,' also in the Help menu.)

5) Do you have any Internet security, firewall, anti-virus or pop-up
blocking software installed? If so, which application(s)?

6) Do you have any browser extensions or toolbars installed?

7) If applicable, please include the full message header for each message
affected by this issue. To display full headers, open your message, and
click 'More Options' next to the recipient(s') name(s). Click 'Show
original.' Copy and paste the contents of the new browser window in to
your reply email. If you do not wish to include the text of the affected
email message, please be sure that you paste the entirety of all other
information listed above.

If you'd like to view more Gmail troubleshooting tips, check out the Gmail
Help Discussion to see what's worked for other users:

Did this email resolve your issue?

If yes, please click here:
If no, please click here:

The problem is I can't access your *$#%$??#$@* links in your email !!! I saw no other easy way to communicate with Gmail, -no phone number-, and it's not a browser/cookies issue because I try the same with IE.

I start to thing it was a very bad idea to promote my Gmail address as my main email ! I also saw a few folks who have also problems with Gmail in forum and a few with Google too. It's not a very nice Christmas gift for us :-(

Friday, December 23, 2005

Brin and Page Men's of the Year

The Financial Times have proclamed Sergey Brin and Larry Page men's of the year. As I mentionned last week, Google is just behind IBM for the market capitalization of Goog.

Copernic Acquisition by Mamma : Finally Done !

The montreal search engine Mamma.com finally acquired Copernic for $15.9M US. Mamma will also release $2.38M stock option to complete the transaction.

From the Montreal french news site LaPresseAffaires (req sub).
Update: Globe and Mail article

Joyeux Noel à Martin nouveau papa ;-)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Google Zeitgeist 2005

The 2005 edition is out and is revealing a small bit of *ours* search habits. Here's what's get my attention :

  • The biggest lie (WMD) of the 21 century (for now Georges) get his peek,- hohoho surprise -, in the US Election Campaign.
  • Major Disasters, if not located in US or are not a vacation destination, don't make it !
  • A good news finally at the end of the year : The Wiki got a great progression.

GMaps Pedometer : Google Maps Distance and more

GMaps Pedometer is not only a good tool to calculate distance (and burned calories) between points in North America, it is also using a more detail map layer than Google Local/Google Maps.

It seem to use the Destination Gazetteer layer of Maplandia, wich provide a lot more information on small place, specially for small place. Here is the comparison of Google Maps/Local and Gmaps-Pedometer at the same zoom level :

Monday, December 19, 2005

GOOG Still in a Good Mood

A new breaking day ! And the market cap will soon overtake IBM !

Web Site Traffic and Bots

The fight against undesirable bots at WebMasterworld seem to be win. After a 40% traffic lost, Brett seem to correct the problem with the help of the SE folks and a few other dudes. Note the WMW Robots.txt still blocking all the bots from crawling the site.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Low posting this week

Here why :

It was hard to find my car where my portable was ;-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Technorati Explore : Watch for the splogs

Technorati have launched a new service called Explore to find out what bloggers are saying right now on any topic. But my first try give me some splog (spam blogs) at the top results :-(

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First TV Commercial for Google

After word-of-mouth and a bit of viral marketing, the 1998 company of a few employes who is now a $100 billion market capitalization with more than 5,000 have make a significant change in his marketing strategy with a TV commercial. I,m glad they choose a PBS's science program for the first air (QuickTime Mov) !

More on the excellent MediaPost Online Daily

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alexa Web Search Platform : Only a new packaging !

Humm, may be John should get a little less excited. Alexa and the WayBack machine was doing that vertical search for a while and for free. I remember also around 2002 they have set a free and public vertical search for a couple of days. They also selling vertical data set on DVD since 2001-2002. And, like Danny says, they are plenty of other free solutions to do that, and thoses seem less complicated to use.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

China : Tracking versus Internet

Funny to see those two news published today :

  1. The first Internet addiction themed television show in China will soon be aired to show teenage viewers the horrors of using the Internet too much.
  2. Chinese LF RFID market is mature both in terms of industry chain and market applications. LF RFID has been widely applied in low-end markets such as campuses, internet cafes and access control applications.

Google and the SEO World

This post, from Google software engineer Matt Cutts, who act as a spam and black hat detective in the Googleplex, is very informative on what are the good and bad techniques on the SEO profession. I also loved his sense of humor ;-)

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Google Earth Mac Version is Coming Soon

For peoples who can't wait the official release, this link out there to grab-it.

Yahoo acquired Del.icio.us

After Flickr, Yahoo get another tagging site.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Podcast : The Word of 2005

The New Oxford American Dictionary choose "Podcast" for the Word of the Year.

The Ten Golden Rules of Google

Eric Schmidt and Hal Varian talk about how the coordination and communication works at Google.

Copernic Acquisition by Mamma : Postponed Again

The saga continue with the acquisition of Copernic by the Mamma. The definitive agreement closing is now acheduled for before or no later than december 31st, 2005.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Google Candy Cane for Christmas

Google separate organic results from Adwords with a candy cane for a few word like Christmas, Candy canes, mints.

Via ZorGlob.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

A little blog's post can cause huge damage

Here the story by Mediapost on a bad shopping experience who result in a delisting of the company in Yahoo and PriceGrabber and revealed a problem on the reliability of merchant rating. The online store is now unreachable ! The original post is here .

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why dissallowing Google Base to main SERP's

Google Base to be another Froogle

Sorry for Google Base team, but I'm pretty sure that Google Base will never lift up. As I mention in that post, the site lack of thoses elements:
  1. If the upcoming Google Base will allow in a near future the possibility of GUI (graphic template to be add to dataset)
  2. If the data is well integrated in the SERP's (search engine results page)
  3. If they avoid major bugs in deployment
  4. If they can avoid spammers (were the Captcha ?)
  5. If it include a payment system (Google Purchases or Google Wallet)
  6. If it have a well developed Google Base API
Since that, even the deployment have problem with point 3 with the porn/adult and casino spammers.

Also this week, Google have put a final nail in point number 2, by blocking Google Base in his main index using a Disallow: /base in his Robots.txt !!!

Why dissallowing Google Base to main SERP's ? If I make a query to find a bike nearby for my girlfriend, I will use Google first... And found a Craigslist entry in first spot!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

U.S. Border Guards Can Googled You

You should never bullshit with your location on your blog !

Firefox 1.5 : Again a Problem with Extensions

Firefox 1.5 is out of beta and again with some extensions turn-off. Greasemonkey and SearchStatus are no more working but AdBlock and GmailNotifier still working. Hope the first two will update in a day or two, because I gonna have to go back to 1.06 soon :-(

Update : I love it. The SearchStatus extension have been update but you have to go here to get it. Hope the Find Update of the next Extension manager will correct this. Also the GreaseMonkey is almost out. In bin file here.
Update 2 : Here is the GreaseMonkey blog were you have the XPI file.
Update 3 : Some bugs still occurred in GreaseMonkey 0.6.2. You have now to click on the monkey face logo in your status bar to say your installed scripts. Some work and other not :-(

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A New Player Soon in the Classified Ads : MSN Fremont

It's here in beta. Other info at Yardley. Seem to be a style of Google Base and Local merged together.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Understanding the Goog Boom

According to Forrester Research Inc., households now spend at least 30% of their media time online, while the Internet has just 5% of total ad spending.

Last year U.S. advertising spending was an estimated $300 billion to $400 billion.

Just $10 billion of that was spent online, even less than for ads in the Yellow Pages.

Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, online ad revenue grew 34% in the latest quarter, with total 2005 revenue on track to grow by 25%, to at least $12 billion; newspaper ad revenue, by contrast, is slated to grow less than 3% this year.

From Googling for Gold article at Business Week.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

RSS and Metrics

I totally agree with Jeff Jarvis about statistics and RSS feed.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Technorati Mini

Nice little new application in Technorati. After a regular search use the "View in Mini" to open up a small window to follow up each minute what is say on the Blogosphere about a specific keyword or keyphrase. Nice tool to follow a viral marketing campaign or a buzz around something !


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Google Space

Google UK have found a new way to a test their most-up-to-date products. An Internet cafe-style computing booth in London's Heathrow Airport !
Via ThreadWatch

Goog : 25 Billion $ Increase of the Capitalization in less than a month

If Goog keep that pace, Microsoft will be second at the end of next year ;-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Google testing Pay-Per-Call Advertising

Google is testing Pay-Per-Call advertising. When you will seen a green phone icons in ads, just type in your phone number and Google will connect you for free and without revealing your phone number to the advertiser.
Screenshots and more information at Greg Yardley's Blog.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Froogle now for US only ?

A bit weird than in Google Local you can pinpoint the merchants selling a specific item within a designated ZIP code and Postal Code but in Froogle only Zip Code works ?

Dipsie finally out as a... cloaking service

Dipsie who was supposed to be the next Google killer with 10 billion pages, in summer 2004, as finally put out an... Cloaking service ?!? This new service, starting at $29.99 a month for 50 pages or less - to have their sites crawled and optimized by Dipsie.

When you click on the Dipsie dCloak Beta you are redirect on an new IP address with no privacy policy before to give your email address ?
Before you log in, you should remember this on the Google guidelines :
Make pages for users, not for search engines. Don't deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as "cloaking."

Via SiliconBeat

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Jux2 is back

Great news for the searchers. After the sale of Jux2 on Ebay at the end of october, Jux2 is back and seem improved from the last time I use it. You can have sub-site links from a domain and a new Jux2blog . Nice jobs guys !

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Friday, November 18, 2005


This remarkable story by Robert Cringely seem to me as a very good prediction. Seem at beginning a big fiction, but nobody 14 month ago have predicted the Google action will sell above $400 today !

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Google Sitemaps Security Flaw

Google Sitemaps Stats let open your site traffic statistics to everyone if your 404 handling is badly done.
Funny to see that the word failure is the number one provider (read the comments) of the traffic of the White House site.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

22 day later and 10 billion more : Goog at $400

It's a bit incredible that's going so fast !

Google Base : One on Six for the moment

Here is the post of the 25th of last october on Google Base:

Google Base will change de face of the Web if...

* If the upcoming Google Base will allow in a near future the possibility of GUI (graphic template to be add to dataset)
* If the data is well integrated in the SERP's (search engine results page)
* If they avoid major bugs in deployment
* If they can avoid spammers (were the Captcha ?)
* If it include a payment system (Google Purchases or Google Wallet)
* If it have a well developed Google Base API

For now, only the deployment seem to be ok !

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

24/7 Real Media 2006 Predictions

I totally agree and specially on number one, two and ten.
BTW : 24/7 Media should look at their site with Firefox. Remarkably weak !!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Google Rent-a-Book ?

Seem another way to bring cash in !

Google Analytics Tough Start

Google have release Urchin services for free under the Google Analytics name after the march acquisition by Google. This service who allow free statistics for your Web site. Google Analytics will be integrated with Google AdWords and will offer a new interface within existing accounts.

Analytics is down for the moment !

Google have badly under-estimate the popularity of the new service. This type of application should never been down because of enormous demand. This will worry people to have some blanks in the log files data even if the traffic is still logged in.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

After Google Base, Google Print Advertisements

Seem Google want to explore each sectors where he can make some cash of it. A bit funny to see the same week after the Base/Automat plan was release that Google will explore the print advertisements market. Update : Live!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

2006 will be the Start of the End of Traditionnal Media Piggy Bank

First the fact, and follow closely by the evidence. Who will the first one to change drastically his "old busyness" model ?

Riots, Adwords and Google Bombing

Since at least three days when you make a query on the french term for riots (émeutes en français) you can see an Adwords for a site who promote the Nicolas Sarkozy campaign. Nothing really new here, some canadian politician like Belinda Stronach have done that in the past !

But the funniest part is when you make a query for Nicolas Sarkozy you'll get in first position the site IZNOGOUD (he's no good), a new movie from a french cartoon serie who's about a bad guy who want to take place of a good calife ;-) I'm not sure which one will bring in more traffic ?

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Accessibility Is Effective Search Engine Optimization

Nice reminder for Web designer. Specially this advice of W3C who is ignored by more than 80% of the sites I saw each day !

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Google Accounts : Google Base is gone

Google Base is no more in the Google Accounts menu.

I was also wondering why the Google Base login page is not off ?
Simply to log you in and track more info on your search behavior !

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China : New Skype Filtering Trial and a new Alibaba promotion of Yahoo! after the bad press of september

Verso Technologies announced a trial of Verso's NetSpective M-Class Solution to filter Skype and other P2P communications with China Telecom.

Alibaba re-launches Yahoo! China as search brand to get on to the leader Baidu.
Note : This move came 2 month after Human rights groups disclosed in September that Yahoo's Hong Kong arm provided information about e-mail that led to a 10-year prison term for a Chinese reporter, convicted under state secrets laws.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Walmart afraid of... Google

"We watch Google very closely at Wal-Mart," said Jim Breyer, a member of Wal-Mart's board.

In Google, Wal-Mart sees both a technology pioneer and the seed of a threat, said Mr. Breyer, who is also a partner in a venture capital firm. The worry is that by making information available everywhere, Google might soon be able to tell Wal-Mart shoppers if better bargains are available nearby.

Wow, even the biggest brick and mortar store seem to wake up !

Thursday, November 03, 2005

User Profiling Results at Google ?

Seem Google have filed a new patent for placed content ordering in search results. More on that at this excellent scoop by Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal.

BTW, I'm not sure they haven't start that yet on local domain sites. I saw more and more difference in results ranking between local domain like Google.ca and Google.com.

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Flashy Yahoo Maps Makeover

Yahoo have release a new version of his mapping service with a new improve interface in Flash. Why Flash while Google and MSN use Ajax ? Where the satellite pictures ? Why no local data in Canada ?

The interface is neat and Google should add the update of local data when you move the map like Yahoo and Virtual Earth does.

But sometimes the road layer is badly placed. There is a tsunami in Charlevoix :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pinch me please : Carlyle Group involved in microchip identification of over 1 million dogs in a China province

Not seem to be an hoax ? Not the same Carlyle Group in there ? Seem to be the same ! For dogs, in China ?
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Maplandia : An Enhanced Google Maps Directory

MapLandia is a kind of Google Maps directory mixed with an travel agency links provider. You can drill down by continent, country, province/state, region and finally alphabetically by cities or little spots name. You can also find Google Earth link to the same spot.

But why I post this site here ?

It's because the Map layer used in the MapLandia site called gazetteer data is way better than Google Maps and even the Google Earth for rural region. You can find specific spot's name you'll never see in other maps (online or even the majority of normal one). The structure of the link is also very good to share with others like :

Via Philipp

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yahoo pushing his site on some of his international site with the Google keyword

It's not implemented yet on all of the international sites, but in Australia, France, Italia and few others, when you search specifically for the word Google you'll see a new input box to search in Yahoo at the top of organic listing using the same list as Google Suggest: Update : (Was my browser list)

Google Print Back in Scanning Mode

Yes, Google is resuming its controversial project to digitise millions of books and make them searchable on the net. But don't worry too soon. Look what the Google Blog say about the new direction it's taking :
Google's job is to help people find information. Google Print's job is to make it easier for people to find books. When you do a Google search, your results now include pointers to those books whose contents, stored in the Google Print index, contain your search terms. For many books, these results will, like an ordinary card catalog, contain basic bibliographic information and, at most, a few lines of text where your search terms appear.

We show more than this basic information only if a book is in the public domain, or if the copyright owner has explicitly allowed it by adding this title to the Publisher Program (most major U.S. and U.K. publishers have signed up). We refer people who discover books through Google Print to online retailers, but we don't make a penny on referrals. We also don't place ads on Google Print pages for books from our Library Project, and we do so for books in our Publishing Program only with the permission of publishers, who receive the majority of the resulting revenue. Any copyright holder can easily exclude their titles from Google Print -- no lawsuit is required.

Seem not so controversial for me for the moment.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Google and the Ad Market

Really nice article on Google and the Ad Market at the New York Time. Here a few snippets of this five page article :
On Google position in the Ad Market
By next year, Mr. Noto said, he expects Google to have advertising revenue of $9.5 billion. That would place it fourth among American media companies in total ad sales after Viacom, the News Corporation and the Walt Disney Company, but ahead of giants including NBC Universal and Time Warner.

On Adwords way-to-do applicable to other media
The media and advertising industries certainly see a future in which television ads are aimed at individual viewers. But few outside of the engineering Ph.D.'s at Google think that television ads should simply be utilitarian, rather than entertaining, provocative or annoyingly repetitive - the models that have worked so far. And some media industry executives wonder whether Google, which has already become the most powerful force in Internet advertising, should also become the clearinghouse for ads of all types - a kind of advertising Nasdaq.

On Adwords technology
For every page that Google shows, more than 100 computers evaluate more than a million variables to choose the advertisements in its database to display - and they do it in milliseconds. The computers look at the amount bid and the budget of the advertiser, but they also consider the user - such as his or her location, which they try to infer by analyzing the user's Internet connections - as well as the time of day and myriad other factors Google has tracked and analyzed from its experience with advertisements.

On Google Base
Mr. Brin said that preliminary versions of Google Base leaked onto the Internet and that the company's partners should not fear it. "Google Base is as much about classified as it is about zoology," he said.

On Adwords next step
Google isn't quite pursuing that sort of deal, but it is trying to have big retailers link their inventory systems directly to its advertising auction. That way, a toy store chain, for example, could respond to a search for dolls with an ad for either Barbies or Bratz, depending on which were overstocked in the store near the user's home. "Most retailers only advertise 5 percent of their products," said Tim Armstrong, Google's vice president for ad sales. "We can let them advertise all of them."

On branding advertisements
Google has been able to convince some companies that its text ads can help build awareness of their products, even if people don't click on them to buy something. But top executives are also meeting weekly to develop a broader strategy for branding advertisements. Google has already allowed its so-called publisher network - those non-Google sites for which it sells ads - to accept advertising with limited graphics. At first, these were simple images, perhaps with a little animation. It is now moving to accept ads that use the popular Flash technology that allows for more interactivity. So far, these nontext ads have been only a tiny part of Google's business.

Note this article was released sunday and I think it open some Wall Street guy's eyes ($15.90 dollars up at this moment ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Google Flight : No Thanks

I'm not really happy with the new flight feature at Google because it's another gadget who push down the organic results. And after that, did they gonna put the trains and buses too ?
Also sometimes thoses flight information are a bit useless, and really buggy if you go see the three providers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google Info-Depot

Seem this is what Google planning with is Google Base. Look at the new screen shots of Philipp Lenssen.

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Google Base will change de face of the Web if...

  • If the upcoming Google Base will allow in a near future the possibility of GUI (graphic template to be add to dataset)
  • If the data is well integrated in the SERP's (search engine results page)
  • If they avoid major bugs in deployment
  • If they can avoid spammers (were the Captcha ?)
  • If it include a payment system (Google Purchases or Google Wallet)
  • If it have a well developed Google Base API

Hope to see that soon...

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Google Base ?

Hum ! http://www.google.com/base and http://base.google.com are both giving us a Forbidden 403. The Robots.txt file did not have a entry for it for the moment.

What will be this new service ? One of thoses definitions ? I don't think it's one of thoses. Will probably see it in the next few days.

Base/root: (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"

Update Oct. 25 :
Seem to be a database area where you can put any sort of data. A kind of Google CMS (content management system) or GoogleSQL. It will been crawl by Google and if your data are pertinent it may will show up in Google search engine results, Google Maps/Local or Froogle ! Screen shots worth 1000 words :

Note: The Base site is not working for the moment.

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Google have reached the 5000 employees mark

Google have probably reached the 5,000 employees mark if we look at the Financial Release in the Google Investor Q3 earning of 2005.
On a worldwide basis, Google employed 4,989 full time employees as of September 30, 2005, up from 4,183 as of June 30, 2005.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pour un Quebec lucide : Too funny bad use of Web

Here is the first part of the worst Html code I never saw. of the main page (seem working only for microsoft browser :-) for a manifesto of a new Quebecer's group... "For a clear-eyed vision of Quebec" ! Excuse me folks but your site don't work for an open souce browser who get this week the 100 million download mark ! Allo la terre les standards ça se respecte, surtout si on veux être lucide !

Note : The above code have; greater than and lesser than sign, been replace by slash and back slash for the publishing purpose)

/HTML lang=fr /HEAD /title\Pour un Quebec lucide//title
/SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="../_cs/js/fnc_cshyperlink.js"\//SCRIPT /SCRIPT Language = "JavaScript" var gsCurrentLang = "1";
var gsSinglePagePopupLinkParam = "true"
function displayManagerWindow(sAction, sDataId, sLevel, sTopic, sIdParent, sFields, sIdLayout, sLayoutField) {
features = 'toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,' + 'scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,left=0,top=0,width=' + (screen.width - 12) + ',height=' + (screen.height - 55)

if (sDataId != "") {
sDataId = "&data__id=" + sDataId;
if (sFields != "") {
sFields = "&fields=" + sFields;
if (sIdLayout != "") {
sIdLayout = "&id_layout=" + sIdLayout;
if (sLayoutField != "") {
sLayoutField = "&layout_field=" + sLayoutField;
dlg = window.open ("cs.wadata.edit@saction=" + sAction + sDataId + "&level__level=" + sLevel + "&data__id_topic=" + sTopic + "&data__id_parent=" + sIdParent + sFields + sIdLayout + sLayoutField,"displayWindow",features)
// window.parent.parent.location = "cs.wadata.edit@saction=" + sAction + sDataId + "&level__level=" + sLevel + "&data__id_topic=" + sTopic + "&data__id_parent=" + sIdParent
//OpenWin = this.open("cs.wadata.edit@saction=" + sAction + sDataId + "&level__level=" + sLevel + "&data__id_topic=" + sTopic + "&data__id_parent=" + sIdParent, "CtrlWindow", "toolbar=yes,menubar=yes,location=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes");

function displayLevelInfoManagerWindow(sAction, sLevel, sTopic, sIdLayout, sLayoutField) {

features = 'toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,' + 'scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,left=0,top=0,width=' + (screen.width - 12) + ',height=' + (screen.height - 55)

dlg = window.open ("cs.walevel.editintro@saction=" + sAction + "&level__level=" + sLevel + "&level__id_topic=" + sTopic,"displayWindow",features)


function displayManagerWindowCalendar(sAction, sDataId, sLevel, sTopic, sIdParent, sParameter) {
features = 'toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,' + 'scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,left=0,top=0,width=' + (screen.width - 12) + ',height=' + (screen.height - 55)

if (sDataId != "") {
sDataId = "&data__id=" + sDataId;

if (sParameter != "") {
sParameter = "&" + sParameter;
//sParameter = sParameter + "&day=" + sParameter;


if (sAction == "create") {
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sParameter = sParameter + "&year=" + frmData.yearlist.options[frmData.yearlist.selectedIndex].value;


dlg = window.open ("cs.wadata.editcalendar@saction=" + sAction + sDataId + "&level__level=" + sLevel + "&data__id_topic=" + sTopic + "&data__id_parent=" + sIdParent + sParameter,"displayWindow",features)


function VersionNavigateur(Netscape, Explorer) {
if ((navigator.appVersion.substring(0,3) \= Netscape && navigator.appName == 'Netscape') || (navigator.appVersion.substring(0,3) \= Explorer && navigator.appName.substring(0,9) == 'Microsoft')) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

/STYLE .contentDiv {FONT-FAMILY: Verdana; FONT-SIZE: 12px; LINE-HEIGHT: 15px;}
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Menu7=new Array("SALLE DE PRESSE","","",1,20,140,"10476E","10476E","FFFFFF","CAD8E4","10476E","Verdana",9,1,-1,"center","");

//script /SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="../_cs/js/dynamic_menu.js"\//SCRIPT
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/div class="contentDiv"\

This is a real joke ! No search engine will never crawl that site. Bravo à Soleweb et le cabinet National.ca pour cette belle bourde !

Open Office 2 have been released

A lot of new features and advanced XML capabilities make it a nice alternative to Redmont software.

Splogs Search

Nice initiative this database of Spam blogs.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Exalead Makeover and Passes 2 Billion Index Mark

One of my Top 5 search engine have seen his front page change to a new look and his index passes the 2 Billion Mark. With the Google Algo bugs on the 5 october, I think I will try to change it to my default SE for the week to see if he will replace my old love. I will give you news on it next week.

Google Algo Update

Matt Cutt confirmed what WebmasterWorld users have seen on a 40+ pages thread at the beginning of october, an algorithms and scoring change. For the first time, one client lost his first page on his main keyphrase and been pushed on page 10. Ouch !

It's a good thing his site is bilingual and with the french keyphrase he is still on page 1. I personnaly think he will retreive soon his good spot, because it's not normal for a site who was not update in the last year to been pushed so far away. Also when your keyphrase bring a few directories site your in, before your own site, that's definitively a bug.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Planete Discount Spam Google, Yahoo and MSN

The filtering of the big three is not yet perfect. Look at this query at the main search engines

Google at 19th position on 988 results:

Souris - planete discount: recherche - achat prix discount
- [ Translate this page ]
Bleuetiers: Tableau comparatif Bleuetiers: Méthode culturale Bleuetiers: Variétés
Mûriers: Tableau comparatif Mûriers: Méthode culturale Asperge: Variétés ...
souris.microdiscount.com/fr/A.htm - 78k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

Yahoo make a bit better with a 37th place on 317 results:

Promo - Souris - PlaneteDiscount.com: recherche de produit discount ... Bleuetiers: Tableau comparatif Bleuetiers: Méthode culturale Bleuetiers: Variétés Mûriers: Tableau comparatif ...
souris.gallerydiscount.com/fr/Promo.htm - 49k - Cached - More from this site - Save - Block

MSN even better with the 39th spot on 49 results :

Souris - planete discount: recherche - achat prix discount
... Feedback No comments posted yet. souris.microdiscount.com Bleuetiers: Tableau comparatif Bleuetiers: Méthode culturale Bleuetiers: Variétés Mûriers: Tableau comparatif Mûriers: Méthode culturale ...
souris.microdiscount.com/fr/A.htm Cached page

Hope those guys will be kick out from there !

Ad Dollars Shift to the Web Continues

Nice news for the Web community, but I'm not sure the sample of an hundred leading advertisers that spent over $1 billion with newspapers will reflect the real life ?
For my point of view it's usually the small and medium companies who have been early adopters of the Web ad market, not the big guys.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yahoo Blog Search Integration in News

Contrary to Google which preferred to separate research between news sites and blogs, Yahoo! News post side by side results from "official" news sites and Blogs.

I hate that. I was searching for a person and I click on the More Blogs Results to check the relevancy of the results and decide to double quotes the name. Bang, back to official news results !

I think Yahoo do that to measure the favour of the public for information coming from alternative sources.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo Podcast : Nice interface, but bad crawling !

Nice interface and the possibility to add Tag to podcast is great. But the index has tons of errors in it.
If you look for one of the first Podcaster around here, M-C Turgeon, who produce almost 50 podcasts since the last 9 month, you will get 19 episodes from her but only one is really a Podcast (episode 6), all the other are wrong links to picture files.
If you want to find her Podcastography * you should go to Odeo, where Yahoo should have start is crawling for real Podcast's file !

They should offer the possibility to host the file directly there with a form to populate all the data, -ie- so many different format are possible in podcasting, it will simplify the crawling process and gave more accurate information on each Podcast.

* Seem I'm the first one to use that word ?

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China Telecommunication

Falun........ gone

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Internet Trends

Here some interesting fact from Internet Trends at Web 2.0 by Mary Meeker (pdf) :
  • Denmark VoIP minutes > landline voice minutes
  • N. America = 23% of Internet users in 2005; was 66% in 1995
  • S. Korea Broadband penetration of 70%+ - No. 1 in world
  • China : More Internet users <>
  • Mobile Messaging : 1.1T SMSs sent with $50B in revenue in 2004

Google + Yahoo! + eBay + Yahoo! Japan + Amazon.com
  • $2B = market value - pre-2000 IPO
  • $178B = market value - Nasdaq peak – 3/10/00
  • $ 32B = market value - Nasdaq trough – 10/9/02
  • $261B = market value - 10/3/05

Friday, October 07, 2005

Google Reader will launch soon

Scoop : A new entry in the Google's Robots.txt today :
Disallow: /reader
Also the http://reader.google.com redirect you to http://www.google.com/reader/ like all new Google apps and this time give you a 403 forbidden, which make me think it's in internal testing.

But what will be the reader ? After the viewer disparition, an Google Reader will be an RSS Aggregator or a place like Bloglines ?

Will see soon problably at this location !

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Google Maps and Local Merge and Out of Beta : Too Soon !

Google have merge Local and Maps and put them out of beta in US and Canada a bit to soon in my opinion. If you choose the second largest city in Canada, where I live now, and ask Google Local to find you an hotel you'll get this ! On the ten first results only three are really place you can sleep. The seven other are hotel suppliers or even worst commercial equipement manufacturer. Not very a good score boys !

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Keyword-Based RSS Feed Generator

Really nice tool by Tara Calishain of Research Buzz to generate keywords RSS Feeds from a lot of News site. Bravo Tara !
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Google's Patent Strategy

Really good paper on the Stephen E. Arnold e-book The Google Legacy. Here a few snips :

“Bill Gates is basically in the same spot he had IBM in. IBM was challenged by Microsoft and IBM didn’t understand Microsoft’s business model. It’s history repeating itself.”

“These patents suggest that Google is looking beyond search, possibly targeting such companies as Microsoft, as Google tries to become the leading info tech company of the 21st Century,” he said.

Arnold has identified 72 patents with Google heritage that were filed during the first six months of 2005. That compares with the 47 Google patents he found from 2001 through 2004.


With Wi-Fi currently working its way into communities across the world and with wide area WiMAX ready to be deployed in a big way next year, it could be a natural fit for Google to deliver its technology over these high-speed links, free of charge. Noting that Google is moving to VoIP via its recently-announced Google Talk, the high-speed connections appear tailor-made for delivering streaming video, Arnold said.

Google is testing Google Wi-Fi in locations near its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Arnold said China, India and Japan are attractive and ripe for Google to deliver its services over high-speed wireless links.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Google more and more in the Microsoft fields

Google and Sun will held an conference today at 13h30 EDT to talk about an possible transposition of StarOffice to Google users.

I don't think will see that today on our web browser, ie- the usual URL's are not activated and nothing in the Google's robots.txtr file !

Monday, October 03, 2005

Scoble, Sullivan and Bray on the future of searching

It's start by Scoble's reading John, Danny add it's points and Tim Bray conclude !

Internet Archive and Yahoo! in Open Content Alliance

Google's library project having competition.
Google also applauded the Yahoo-backed alliance. "We welcome efforts to make information accessible to the world."

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogs help conversion


Podcast a year later... and Google Index Size

Doc Searl post this exactly a year ago :
But now most of my radio listening is to what Adam Curry and others are starting to call podcasts. That last link currently brings up 24 results on Google. A year from now, it will pull up hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions.

Right on Doc : 63,800,000 results here !

BTW and all the blabla about Google index size : Around 200 millions more pages

September 9, 2005

the = 9,380,000,000 / a = 8,920,000,000 / for = 8,530,000,000 /
to = 9,180,000,000 / of = 9,220,000,000 / and = 8,920,000,000 /
in = 8,410,000,000 / is = 6,670,000,000 / that = 5,000,000,000 /
it = 4,760,000,000 / he = 959,000,000 / was = 2,170,000,000

September 28, 2005

the = 9,640,000,000 / a = 9,190,000,000 / for = 8,730,000,000 /
to = 9,460,000,000 / of = 9,440,000,000 / and = 9,110,000,000 /
in = 8,660,000,000 / is = 6,910,000,000 / that = 5,350,000,000 /
it = 4,950,000,000 / he = 1,040,000,000 / was = 2,290,000,000 /
*.* = 11,900,000,000

Monday, September 26, 2005

Google Blog Search Indexing your Threads in Less than 3 Hours !

I post this morning (9h41)a thread on a Pay-Per-Call article by ClickZ. Less than 3 hours later, (12h37), I saw a referer from Google Blog Search for that post in my log. Wow ! That's the first time I saw a result so quick !!!

GOOG Reached an Historical Peek

GOOG open this morning above the $320 mark !

Is Pay-Per-Call for You ?

This is one of the best Pay-Per-Call case studies to date by Pamela Parker of ClickZ.

Chinese's Scam Hit Google

The tip of the Chinese's iceberg ?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reuters Adopt the Podcast

Wow ! Even Reuters jump in the Podcasting bandwagon ! But it's not a human one ;-(

Star dot Star give you Google Index Size

I'd love the wink Google gave us sometimes. In the old day, if you want to get your directory listing you type in Microsoft Dos : Dir *.* Now if you want to know the index size of Google you search for "*.*": 11,830,000,000 results here. Note the dot is optional and have the same value as a space in a Google query !

Search Engine for the China Battleground : Google and... Microsoft

It's the most interesting chinese news I saw on the subject since I monitor the Asian's market.
The online search business is also a political business. China's Internet is closely monitored, and without close Chinese government supervision, Google can easily become the hostess leading Chinese web surfers into dens of sin. This is why services like Google's web caching feature have been fuwu non grata in China for at least two years. And this is why it is important for Google to have great public relations professionals on the ground in China working with the Ministry of Information Industry, the Internet Society of China, and the National Public Security Bureau. Google can't wine and dine Chinese officials if it stays on its California campus.

This is one of the many good paragraphs of that story by Perry Wu who seem to me very one of the best article in the Chinese publishing in this first short history of SE information. Hope will see more story by this guy, -- while I don't agree with his conclusion of the article -- !

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hurricane Rita path right on the Katarina refugees

Hope this projected path is wrong. Nothing to slow it down and hot water to take force. They don't need that now even on the Bush state.

Google Fiber Network Rumour is Back

Nine month after that CNet story, a few day after a second stock sale, a meme is coming back and seem more and more to be a fact :
Google is reviewing bids it solicited from tech vendors to build a national optical DWDM network capable of pushing massive amounts of voice, video and data very close to end users. Even more interesting is that the purported cost of this dynamic national fiber fabric is under $100 million (not including dark fiber) and can be launched within a matter of months. But the last-mile is, as always, the problem.

Reinclusion Tips from a Googlers

Matt Cutts give a few clues to get back in the Google index.

Myriad Search : An MetaSearch you can Tweak

Very interesting but a bit slow.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Z-Space's site : Nice for Viral Marketing

Can be a powerfulll thing for fast spreading a message, group, movie, what ever !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doctor Kai-Fu Lee's Google Blog

Here the latest development on Kai-Fu Lee's saga and the mandarin blog (auto translate) setup by Google to explain to chinese peoples about that case.

Goog : Tonight is the start of the 4 billion $ new stock sale

The news from Reuter and in french by La Presse Affaire.

Google launch Blog Search

After 2 minutes on Google Blog Search, I'm flagerblasted. Some good results and some others not so. It take account of diacritics, ie- "Éric" and "Eric" have differents results compare to Google Search.

On a query it show you the title of the page, the time it was published and the author. Sometime you'll see a clustering on some subject.
You can also subscribe to each results pages for 10 or 100 results to see if something new will come out.

Also, despite what's in the About section, you can find some forum threads in Google Blog Search. More reviews laters...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Microsoft Response to Yahoo Widget

The site Microsoft Gadgets open today, but it's empty and the comments system is down. What an opening !!! For the moment you'll get more fun here.

Yahoo and Flickr : Bigger Equal Knottier

Nice analyze of the new Flickr Signup page before and after the Yahoo acquisition !

The Google Maps Scrapping won a price for innovations in journalism

ChicagoCrime.org scrapping won the Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. This news let me explore again that site and I was amazed by the new Route functionnality. Nice work boys !

Via the new and interesting Tech-Memeorandum site.

Algo Chaser or Content Pusher ?

After the Black-hat / White-hat search engine optimizer, we have also the Algo Chaser and the Content Pusher.

For my part I'm more on the side of the second. When you're more on the Algo Chaser side, you'll have to been almost full-time dedicated to one project and when the holes you have exploited have been blocked by search engine algorithms, the drop is sometime fatal for your client. Remember the Florida Update ? A lot of AlgoHolics have gone in a thaht huge depression !

When you're pushing content, give historical facts to users or/and an encyclopedia turn to your products or services to enhance your site and inform your clientèle, It will pay sooner or a bit later.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Google and Katrina : Nofollow for charity links but ours OK ?

When you company grow to fast you have good move and bad integration of others:

The links highlight are Nofollow links (ie. this prevent popularity been stick to thoses charities organizations ???). Only the links for Google are legit !?!

World Bank Urged to Embrace Open Technology Standards

Another good news for the Open Source community ! It's not a promotion directly for Open Source, but it's a good first step.

Google customer's service

That's a way of doing it !

Seth Godin's eBook about blog

After his KnockKnock, Seth Godin now put out Who's There (pdf), Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web. I agree with the title, a bit incomplete but worth the reading. He should also quote some author like :
On September 28, 2004, a search on “podcast” in Google turned up 24 matches.
AS I write this, the number is 17,000,000.

That's was been said by Doc Searl, and the count is now at 55,600,000.

WsFinder for API

Api and Web services finder à la Wiki

eBay to Acquire Skype

Yes, the deal will be, approximately $2.6 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock, plus potential performance-based consideration.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Google make fun at Yahoo with Splog

I totally agree with Jim Boykin on the really weird attitude of Yahoo to not better filtering spam blogs (splogs) where the majority of thoses use Google Adsense ads on them. Here what he make me laugh too :
It’s so ironic that Google buys and sells advertising space on the shittiest of pages….and it’s part at the expense of Yahoo because Yahoo doesn’t do a very good job at filtering tons of this regergitated shit... These pages which Google allows adsense on, but won’t allow them into their index?? I can just see the engineers at Google laughing at Yahoo, “Let them find our advertising on your indexed pages of crap! We’ll even pay people to spam your results”.

I guess though that it’s not Google’s fault if Yahoo’s eating these pages up and serving them….after all, Yahoo want the “biggest index” (20 billion pages??) which includes a few billion of adsense spam pages.
Jim just forget the second funiest part of the Google Splog dirty technique. The owners of Splogs have to buy Google Adwords to get traffic to them. On a "deluxe" query like "private jet charter" you get between 25 to 45 Adwords ads when you display 30, 50 or 100 results per page. On thoses ads link, you'll have between at least since a few weeks 80% of splogs, spam sites and fake directories ! Almost all of them even get listed in top ten on their domain name in Google !

May be Yahoo should hire Jean Veronis (auto translate) and implement the Zipf's law (auto translate) to their algo ?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Most Used English Words : 2 to 5 time more on Google

January 14, 2005

the = 8,000,000,000 / a = 8,000,000,000 / for = 8,000,000,000 /
to = 8,000,000,000 / of = 8,000,000,000 / and = 8,000,000,000 /
in = 7,560,000,000 / is = 3,820,000,000 / that = 2,690,000,000 /
it = 2,570,000,000 / he = 687,000,000 / was = 69,100,000

Note: Google have manipulate the number of the six first one.

March 9, 2005

the = 2,880,000,000 / a = 2,570,000,000 / for = 2,520,000,000 /
to = 2,680,000,000 / of = 2,760,000,000 / and = 2,700,000,000 /
in = 3,350,000,000 / is = 1,770,000,000 / that = 1,090,000,000 /
it = 1,170,000,000 / he = 259,000,000 / was = 550,000,000

September 9, 2005

the = 9,380,000,000 / a = 8,920,000,000 / for = 8,530,000,000 /
to = 9,180,000,000 / of = 9,220,000,000 / and = 8,920,000,000 /
in = 8,410,000,000 / is = 6,670,000,000 / that = 5,000,000,000 /
it = 4,760,000,000 / he = 959,000,000 / was = 2,170,000,000

Danny found a "new way" to estimate the number of pages indexed at Google : Here it goes from 9,570,000,000 to 11,780,000,000 if you substracts or add some characters in the minus string.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Google Wallet : Another Stone to the Meme

The ex-director of Google France, Franck Poisson, tell us (in french or auto-translate here) Google is finalizing the Google Wallet who will not be only for Adwords, but to search engine users.

The father of Internet Now at Google

Wow, nice move boys !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Search Engine Chinese Market Dispute

A too funny article by the Reg.

Google Stopwords Back to 8 Billions : Index size will go up

Google have brought back the count of 8 billion for the most used stop words. This normally append when a big change in the algorithm have been made.

If you compare those stopwords to the january and march digits, the index seem to double at least.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Google Wallet before Christmas ?

Good chance if we look at this SEW post.

Google Maps add a Katarina layer

If you're looking for "New Orleans" on Google Maps you'll see an new layer called Katrina to see recent satellite picture of the flood city.

Katrina hit hard

Hard to read story by SEO Scoop about the hurricane. Good luck to you and your family.

Yahoo disrespectful practices

Good to see some Yahoo's employes to decry thoses practices !

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Katrina image overlays for Google Earth

Google Earth release 12 new image overlays of Katrina. Those cover a really small part of the coast but give you a good idea of the disaster.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Google : Define goes international

The [define: keyword] operator goes international. At the end of the results you'll see all the language Google have found/guess for some definition of your word.

Hope FEMA read the NOLA Blog

While making some research on French Quarter I found that blog on New Orleans. This morning this was post on it :

Subject: My Hurricane Story -- Elderly couple and babies stranded on St. Roch

Story: As of 9/1 at 8:00 a.m., the Rodriguez family- including an elderly couple and three babies- are stranded on a rooftop at St. Roch and Claiborne. Please send help.

I hope someone at FEMA read it and all the other messages !

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Web Developer Extension for Firefox

Another great extension for Firefox who got a huge set of features mainly for developpers but also for SEO/SEM!

MSN Search Feeds now

MSN Search have put two new operators. And they work remarkably well !

Feed: Bring you raw XML or ATOM feed that contain your query terms.
Very impressive results where only Blogline and Findory can compete with it ! Blogpulse and Gigablast give you not so good results and Technorati is too slow to be an useful search tool.
You can combine with the [site:] operator to get all the feeds a site have.

HasFeed: Return any page* that links to an RSS or ATOM feed and returns for your query terms.
*Even if it's not appearing the page, ie an "link href" in the code will bring it : link href="http://site.com/feed.xml" rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="XML Feed of that page"

Google Experiment Ad Sale for Print

My first impression on that move: PPC ads market is shrinking ! Second thought: Click fraud is going up !

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SEO Extension for Firefox :Quirk Search Status

One of the most useful extension for Firefox have upgrade to v 1.9 and now offer you NoFollow Links Highlighting and Keywords Density since version 1.6.

Here is the picture of Search Status who appears unobtrusively at the bottom of the browser on the status bar.

This is the Menu picture when you click on the Quirk logo in the status bar.

Here is the Meta Tags windows :

Finally the Keywords Density windows

Katrina and Google Earth

You can have the Katarina Models from NHC Storm Forecast in a layer over Google Earth earth here http://www.paulseabury.com/NHC_Models1.kml.

Via GISuser

Also haved you notice CNN was using Google Earth - a new version have been released yesterday- in some of their TV presentations this morning !
Update: They now clearly label it !

China Search Engine Survey : Baidu first, Google second

China Internet Network Information Center have release a survey on China's search market. Here a snippet :
In particular, Baidu has a 43.9% share in Shanghai compared to 38.2% for Google. In Beijing, Baidu is also the leader with 51.5%, while Google owns only 32.9% of all searches. In Guangzhou, Google has a 28.7% market share while Baidu is the leader with 48%.

That's give 47,8% for Baidu and leave Google with the third (33,26% )of the China search market pie. That's a bit better (+3,5%) for Google compare to last year according to market research firm iResearch Inc in Shanghai.