Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Google take is time to indexing competition ?

Funny fact, in june I post on a blog a new government site who was online for the first time that day. The day after it was in Google! About five weeks earlier I post another thread, on a forum, a brand new site and it was indexed 3 days after.

Now after 8 days up (sometimes down in saturday), and 50 results in Google News, you can't find IceRocket in Google ???

It is a very good metasearch and surprisingly fast engine, with a good products tab, but the image; news and find a friend, leave me on my appetite. The history is a nice feature, for all the tabs, but the email search is not working since sunday ;-(.

If that engine add a clustering feature like Vivisimo and can give you the choice of the search site it is crawling (MSN & Lycos is redundant), it will be a nice alternative to others meta engines.

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