Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Google News Archive : A first step to free archives

Finally a services to search multiple archives. Some of us have already have already taste, - for a small week -, the possibility to search Alexa's Web Archive. Now we can digg up to 200 years in the archives of a few of open archives (BBC News, Time Magazine and Guardian) and some other who require fees (Washington Post Archives, Newspaper Archive, and New York Times Archives).

But they are also some Canadian (Bravo to Canoe and the newspaper Le Devoir) and even french's articles in it !

How to use

Here is the help page to digg on it.

Napterization of an archaic model of business ?

I bet, somme of the publishers will drop soon the fees to have access to it. Why ? The media are facing two majors problems since a few years with the WWW. Lost of readers and not enough reach for the young market. By opening theirs archives they will solve both. They will also give more authority to their site and make more money with targeted ads.