Thursday, August 12, 2004

A SEO optimizer company have to refund clients and pay a fine

Yes !!! Finally one crook is out. Why I suspect they are abusing theirs clients :

1- It is impossible to offer guarantees, except if the client have a very specific niche. And even there, you can not control the change of algo in the SE (Many of the White Hat SEO have been hit hard by the november 2003 update at Google).

You can normally rank in the top ten, but in some sector like traveling, hotel, casino, banking, hosting, real estate, pills, etc, it is almost impossible without making a huge makeover and add a lot of content's pages and some reviews and historical data.

It's like other SEO company slogan I too often saw:
We will promote your site on 20 or 50 keywords !!!

Optimizing a site is not only push 20 or 50 keywords/phrases ! It is educating the ; owners, copywriters, programmers, sysadmin, designers and integrators to focus on "search engine mind" and clients when they do something on the site!!!

Text descriptions and links to our client's optimized page will be placed on all six of our shopping malls at

2- All thoses pages, where are the links, have PageRank 0 to 3. It would even be list with the link: fonction of Google!
We perform carefully timed submissions to all 15 major search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Infospace, etc.) plus 8,500 minor search engines, special interest directories, etc., timing these submissions twice per month, while conforming to each search engine's current standards and indexing schedules.

3- You NEVER have to resubmit a site, except if it disappearing from the search engine.
4- The 8,500 minor search engines is a scam. This is done with a program and you never know if the site will be there and if you put your email address you'll be spam with a huge numbers of email. And even that, the major six engines drive more than 95% of your traffic.
Guarantees top-20 ranking on at least 4 major search engines

5- With one top-20 ranking on Google you will also automatically have the top-20 in AOL, Netscape and IWon. The same is true with Yahoo where you're always, (almost), got the same positions appearing in MSN, Altavista and AlltheWeb.

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Frank Levert said...

I agree on this topic. I think top 10 ranking guarantees are a big rip off! First you have to consider competition. No matter how well you optimize your site, you will always have competitors using similar SEO techniques in order to optimize their site. Second, search engines algorythm are always changing. How are you supposed to know which keyword density would be the best on any given day? Finally, search engines implemented technologies based on link popularity. Who doesn't know about Google's PageRank? Since PageRank is an important factor for your website to rank well, how could your SEO build a link empire when only working a few days on your website???

I'm an SEO specialist myself and I created a blog about SEO. It would be nice to have your thoughts on some topics there at SEO Community. Take care.