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Blogs help conversion


Podcast a year later... and Google Index Size

Doc Searl post this exactly a year ago :
But now most of my radio listening is to what Adam Curry and others are starting to call podcasts. That last link currently brings up 24 results on Google. A year from now, it will pull up hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions.

Right on Doc : 63,800,000 results here !

BTW and all the blabla about Google index size : Around 200 millions more pages

September 9, 2005

the = 9,380,000,000 / a = 8,920,000,000 / for = 8,530,000,000 /
to = 9,180,000,000 / of = 9,220,000,000 / and = 8,920,000,000 /
in = 8,410,000,000 / is = 6,670,000,000 / that = 5,000,000,000 /
it = 4,760,000,000 / he = 959,000,000 / was = 2,170,000,000

September 28, 2005

the = 9,640,000,000 / a = 9,190,000,000 / for = 8,730,000,000 /
to = 9,460,000,000 / of = 9,440,000,000 / and = 9,110,000,000 /
in = 8,660,000,000 / is = 6,910,000,000 / that = 5,350,000,000 /
it = 4,950,000,000 / he = 1,040,000,000 / was = 2,290,000,000 /
*.* = 11,900,000,000

Monday, September 26, 2005

Google Blog Search Indexing your Threads in Less than 3 Hours !

I post this morning (9h41)a thread on a Pay-Per-Call article by ClickZ. Less than 3 hours later, (12h37), I saw a referer from Google Blog Search for that post in my log. Wow ! That's the first time I saw a result so quick !!!

GOOG Reached an Historical Peek

GOOG open this morning above the $320 mark !

Is Pay-Per-Call for You ?

This is one of the best Pay-Per-Call case studies to date by Pamela Parker of ClickZ.

Chinese's Scam Hit Google

The tip of the Chinese's iceberg ?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reuters Adopt the Podcast

Wow ! Even Reuters jump in the Podcasting bandwagon ! But it's not a human one ;-(

Star dot Star give you Google Index Size

I'd love the wink Google gave us sometimes. In the old day, if you want to get your directory listing you type in Microsoft Dos : Dir *.* Now if you want to know the index size of Google you search for "*.*": 11,830,000,000 results here. Note the dot is optional and have the same value as a space in a Google query !

Search Engine for the China Battleground : Google and... Microsoft

It's the most interesting chinese news I saw on the subject since I monitor the Asian's market.
The online search business is also a political business. China's Internet is closely monitored, and without close Chinese government supervision, Google can easily become the hostess leading Chinese web surfers into dens of sin. This is why services like Google's web caching feature have been fuwu non grata in China for at least two years. And this is why it is important for Google to have great public relations professionals on the ground in China working with the Ministry of Information Industry, the Internet Society of China, and the National Public Security Bureau. Google can't wine and dine Chinese officials if it stays on its California campus.

This is one of the many good paragraphs of that story by Perry Wu who seem to me very one of the best article in the Chinese publishing in this first short history of SE information. Hope will see more story by this guy, -- while I don't agree with his conclusion of the article -- !

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hurricane Rita path right on the Katarina refugees

Hope this projected path is wrong. Nothing to slow it down and hot water to take force. They don't need that now even on the Bush state.

Google Fiber Network Rumour is Back

Nine month after that CNet story, a few day after a second stock sale, a meme is coming back and seem more and more to be a fact :
Google is reviewing bids it solicited from tech vendors to build a national optical DWDM network capable of pushing massive amounts of voice, video and data very close to end users. Even more interesting is that the purported cost of this dynamic national fiber fabric is under $100 million (not including dark fiber) and can be launched within a matter of months. But the last-mile is, as always, the problem.

Reinclusion Tips from a Googlers

Matt Cutts give a few clues to get back in the Google index.

Myriad Search : An MetaSearch you can Tweak

Very interesting but a bit slow.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Z-Space's site : Nice for Viral Marketing

Can be a powerfulll thing for fast spreading a message, group, movie, what ever !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Doctor Kai-Fu Lee's Google Blog

Here the latest development on Kai-Fu Lee's saga and the mandarin blog (auto translate) setup by Google to explain to chinese peoples about that case.

Goog : Tonight is the start of the 4 billion $ new stock sale

The news from Reuter and in french by La Presse Affaire.

Google launch Blog Search

After 2 minutes on Google Blog Search, I'm flagerblasted. Some good results and some others not so. It take account of diacritics, ie- "Éric" and "Eric" have differents results compare to Google Search.

On a query it show you the title of the page, the time it was published and the author. Sometime you'll see a clustering on some subject.
You can also subscribe to each results pages for 10 or 100 results to see if something new will come out.

Also, despite what's in the About section, you can find some forum threads in Google Blog Search. More reviews laters...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Microsoft Response to Yahoo Widget

The site Microsoft Gadgets open today, but it's empty and the comments system is down. What an opening !!! For the moment you'll get more fun here.

Yahoo and Flickr : Bigger Equal Knottier

Nice analyze of the new Flickr Signup page before and after the Yahoo acquisition !

The Google Maps Scrapping won a price for innovations in journalism scrapping won the Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. This news let me explore again that site and I was amazed by the new Route functionnality. Nice work boys !

Via the new and interesting Tech-Memeorandum site.

Algo Chaser or Content Pusher ?

After the Black-hat / White-hat search engine optimizer, we have also the Algo Chaser and the Content Pusher.

For my part I'm more on the side of the second. When you're more on the Algo Chaser side, you'll have to been almost full-time dedicated to one project and when the holes you have exploited have been blocked by search engine algorithms, the drop is sometime fatal for your client. Remember the Florida Update ? A lot of AlgoHolics have gone in a thaht huge depression !

When you're pushing content, give historical facts to users or/and an encyclopedia turn to your products or services to enhance your site and inform your clientèle, It will pay sooner or a bit later.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Google and Katrina : Nofollow for charity links but ours OK ?

When you company grow to fast you have good move and bad integration of others:

The links highlight are Nofollow links (ie. this prevent popularity been stick to thoses charities organizations ???). Only the links for Google are legit !?!

World Bank Urged to Embrace Open Technology Standards

Another good news for the Open Source community ! It's not a promotion directly for Open Source, but it's a good first step.

Google customer's service

That's a way of doing it !

Seth Godin's eBook about blog

After his KnockKnock, Seth Godin now put out Who's There (pdf), Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web. I agree with the title, a bit incomplete but worth the reading. He should also quote some author like :
On September 28, 2004, a search on “podcast” in Google turned up 24 matches.
AS I write this, the number is 17,000,000.

That's was been said by Doc Searl, and the count is now at 55,600,000.

WsFinder for API

Api and Web services finder à la Wiki

eBay to Acquire Skype

Yes, the deal will be, approximately $2.6 billion in up-front cash and eBay stock, plus potential performance-based consideration.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Google make fun at Yahoo with Splog

I totally agree with Jim Boykin on the really weird attitude of Yahoo to not better filtering spam blogs (splogs) where the majority of thoses use Google Adsense ads on them. Here what he make me laugh too :
It’s so ironic that Google buys and sells advertising space on the shittiest of pages….and it’s part at the expense of Yahoo because Yahoo doesn’t do a very good job at filtering tons of this regergitated shit... These pages which Google allows adsense on, but won’t allow them into their index?? I can just see the engineers at Google laughing at Yahoo, “Let them find our advertising on your indexed pages of crap! We’ll even pay people to spam your results”.

I guess though that it’s not Google’s fault if Yahoo’s eating these pages up and serving them….after all, Yahoo want the “biggest index” (20 billion pages??) which includes a few billion of adsense spam pages.
Jim just forget the second funiest part of the Google Splog dirty technique. The owners of Splogs have to buy Google Adwords to get traffic to them. On a "deluxe" query like "private jet charter" you get between 25 to 45 Adwords ads when you display 30, 50 or 100 results per page. On thoses ads link, you'll have between at least since a few weeks 80% of splogs, spam sites and fake directories ! Almost all of them even get listed in top ten on their domain name in Google !

May be Yahoo should hire Jean Veronis (auto translate) and implement the Zipf's law (auto translate) to their algo ?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Most Used English Words : 2 to 5 time more on Google

January 14, 2005

the = 8,000,000,000 / a = 8,000,000,000 / for = 8,000,000,000 /
to = 8,000,000,000 / of = 8,000,000,000 / and = 8,000,000,000 /
in = 7,560,000,000 / is = 3,820,000,000 / that = 2,690,000,000 /
it = 2,570,000,000 / he = 687,000,000 / was = 69,100,000

Note: Google have manipulate the number of the six first one.

March 9, 2005

the = 2,880,000,000 / a = 2,570,000,000 / for = 2,520,000,000 /
to = 2,680,000,000 / of = 2,760,000,000 / and = 2,700,000,000 /
in = 3,350,000,000 / is = 1,770,000,000 / that = 1,090,000,000 /
it = 1,170,000,000 / he = 259,000,000 / was = 550,000,000

September 9, 2005

the = 9,380,000,000 / a = 8,920,000,000 / for = 8,530,000,000 /
to = 9,180,000,000 / of = 9,220,000,000 / and = 8,920,000,000 /
in = 8,410,000,000 / is = 6,670,000,000 / that = 5,000,000,000 /
it = 4,760,000,000 / he = 959,000,000 / was = 2,170,000,000

Danny found a "new way" to estimate the number of pages indexed at Google : Here it goes from 9,570,000,000 to 11,780,000,000 if you substracts or add some characters in the minus string.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Google Wallet : Another Stone to the Meme

The ex-director of Google France, Franck Poisson, tell us (in french or auto-translate here) Google is finalizing the Google Wallet who will not be only for Adwords, but to search engine users.

The father of Internet Now at Google

Wow, nice move boys !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Search Engine Chinese Market Dispute

A too funny article by the Reg.

Google Stopwords Back to 8 Billions : Index size will go up

Google have brought back the count of 8 billion for the most used stop words. This normally append when a big change in the algorithm have been made.

If you compare those stopwords to the january and march digits, the index seem to double at least.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Google Wallet before Christmas ?

Good chance if we look at this SEW post.

Google Maps add a Katarina layer

If you're looking for "New Orleans" on Google Maps you'll see an new layer called Katrina to see recent satellite picture of the flood city.

Katrina hit hard

Hard to read story by SEO Scoop about the hurricane. Good luck to you and your family.

Yahoo disrespectful practices

Good to see some Yahoo's employes to decry thoses practices !

Friday, September 02, 2005

New Katrina image overlays for Google Earth

Google Earth release 12 new image overlays of Katrina. Those cover a really small part of the coast but give you a good idea of the disaster.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Google : Define goes international

The [define: keyword] operator goes international. At the end of the results you'll see all the language Google have found/guess for some definition of your word.

Hope FEMA read the NOLA Blog

While making some research on French Quarter I found that blog on New Orleans. This morning this was post on it :

Subject: My Hurricane Story -- Elderly couple and babies stranded on St. Roch

Story: As of 9/1 at 8:00 a.m., the Rodriguez family- including an elderly couple and three babies- are stranded on a rooftop at St. Roch and Claiborne. Please send help.

I hope someone at FEMA read it and all the other messages !