Friday, April 28, 2006

Intention Cloud

Interesting tool based on Google suggest. The idea is based on the merging of Database of Intention + Tag Cloud = Intention Cloud. The french version seem to have not enough data in it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Google better-than-expected Q1 Earnings

  • Q1 Revenues $2.25 billion
  • 17% increase over the PQ
  • 79% YOY
  • Operating income $743 million
  • Traffic aquisition $723 million.
  • Google’s sites brought in $1.3 billion
  • AdSense sites generated $928 million
  • Google now have 6,790 employees, hiring 1,110 people in three months.
  • After hour trade up $35.25 for 8.49%
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

35.3 million or 72.5 million of blogs ?

David Sifry of Technorati claim they tracks over 35.3 Million blogs. Only that ? At the end of last december, Baidu alone, (the biggest search engine in China and the fouth most visited site in the world), estimate the number of chinese blogs was about 37 million from the 658 blogging service providers(BSPs) in China ! Are they have more chineses blogs now than any other langages blogs tracked by Technorati ? May be or probably soon it will !

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google patented application on micropayments

After the reputation system on payment, after the rumors on PayPal competition, a patented application on micropayments was issued today. More information on the nice resume by William Slawski.

This will probably speed things on the Google agenda to launch micropayments ! Hope so, because PayPal don't sleep, they will offer credit card to the british folks using eBay !

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Censorship IS Both Way Sometimes in China

We all knew the people living in China have some trouble to see some sites outside their territory but this metropolitan site censor the news of Shangai to the outsider's user of China !!!
- Here is one of the commercial metropolitan sites of Shangai with a direct access . Look at the "Top Treads" in the right column,
- Here is the same commercial metropolitan site of Shangai with an access (proxy) via the translation tool of Google !

All the "Top Treads" column now say: Referer restriction is taking effect. Referer restriction is taking effect. Referer restriction is taking effect.........

First time I saw that !

Wow ! Microsoft release an really useful tool

The Strider URL Tracer is a new tool from the Microsoft labs who include a Typo-Patrol feature that generates and scans sites that capitalize on inadvertent URL misspellings, a process known as typo-squatting !

Why this kind of tool are not included in the OS or even better in the backbone routers ? This will close down a lot of Web's parasites !

Monday, April 10, 2006

PayPal on your phone with Click to Buy

PayPal make a first step in the InfoLust World. Here a few items of what you can buy with your phone on the web.

More on Adotas.
French thoughts on the InfoLust by Martin.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Google Health : A doctor soon on your search engine ?

Danny received a mail from the Googleplex telling this is an area of interest at Google.

Another hint is to always test the "normal" path to it. If you use you'll have the classical error page. But if you're using Tadam ! A redirection to the Advertising Programs page at Google. The health sector have always a cost ;-)

Update: May be the recent entry in the robots.txt was not for "Mobile Business Division" but more for Medical Business? Database" !

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GeoPortail : A GoogleEarth Clone Soon Online for France Territories

The IGN (Institut Géographique National) of France should launch soon (june) a GeoPortail looking like a real clone of GoogleEarth. The june version will be in 2D only and in the beginning of the 3D should be online.
I really doubt the 3D version will offer enough speed to be seen online. But we will have a good cue in june with the first version. They have plan to also release an API but the different services involved have not make an agreement yet.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hakia : Search Engine by Meaning

If Hakia is really at 18% of it's evolution, it will be a really serious contender at the end of this year.
Hakia is planning to debut its full-capacity search engine in fall 2006

I will follow this closely.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Related Links by Google contaminated by AdSense Text ?

Google have released a new related links module for your Web site. I try it for a few minutes and I don't really saw a more real relation between the posted text of my post compare to AdSense.

AdSense contamination ?

When I test them on each post of this blog this one show up. It seem been contaminated by the AdSense text of the ads on my page because no post was related to that subject.

May be only for the News tabs it can be sometimes a plus value !