Saturday, August 21, 2004

Cnet on glitch and ONLY Google ?

Here the article.

Here's some quotes:
A Web page misconfiguration left dozens of the liberal political group's subscriber pages easily searchable through simple Google queries. Each page included a subscriber's name, e-mail address and the mailing lists to which he or she is subscribed. CNET confirmed that several related searches turned up more than two dozen individual subscriber pages

The information leak is the latest version of "Google hacking," using the search engine's advanced features to find data leaked by Web sites.

The incidents highlight increasing concern that knowledgeable Web surfers can turn up sensitive information by mining the world's best-known search engine.

The big problem with this story, it is only reffering to Google and it's two dozen results.
I got to Yahoo!, and in a minute, I found more than 300 hundreds of thoses pages with email, name, subscribed lists and sometimes much more:

As this capture screen show, you can get more information than only name and email address in Yahoo pages:

It's not only Yahoo and Google, it's any good search engine with a way to see a store copy of the page. Even Gigablast, with is relatively small database have some results !
Inspired by Gary Price of ResourceShelf

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