Friday, August 13, 2004

Google IPO backlash is over: The SEC will not delay it

Finally someones will think two times before writing some ineptitudes :
From Tom Taulli of CNET :
The IPO lexicon has a myriad of colorful words, such as "green shoe," "blue sky," "flipping" and "red herring." There is a new word we can add: GOOG-plosion. Definition: IPO disaster.

A bit of exaggeration here ?
First of all, it is absolutely insane to conduct a mega IPO after mid-August. Would it be smart to sell ice cream in January? Not if you are in Massachusetts.

Google have (almost) always launch new; products, services and update in the weekends or holiday. The better one was Gmail the first of April. It was finally a genius move!

From Dawn Kawamoto of CNET
The SEC could impose a "cooling off" period that would delay the IPO, currently expected to happen next week, or it could impose a much more expensive requirement that Google buy back shares.

Sorry boys !

Update 21h05:
The best story (in my mind) by the IHT on this IPO since 3 weeks.

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