Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lesbrutes.com : A search engine spammer

Check those two results page :
Yahoo result : 169 pages
Google result : 323 pages (201 for real)

Do you see your company name in thoses results ? No ? You see always the same page when you click a link ? This is the purpose of those spammers!

If your company have a french section and you working in; design, hosting, optimization or indexation... You have a good chance to be there, not necessarily in the snip of the search engine result page, but in the hidden code of thoses pages, reveal here by the cached version cached page.

They grab all the information of thoses legitimate sites and code it a way to have a good ranking in search engine using a huge number of links and H1 tags with your content and trademark name!

Update 6 september : They fix it!

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