Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RSS Aggregator : Will someone make it more useful ?

Here some quotes of a nice thread of Ponyboy :

Feed readers have at their disposal near infinite processing power, well-differentiated and -defined data and… do nothing with them. You can sort your feed items by date. Exciting!

Totally agree! My RSS aggregator features only sort on date, headline and topic!?!

Where are the extrapolations, based on the data? Where is Bayesian filtering? Why isn’t there auto-correlation between like items? Why isn’t there sorting by link popularity? Or inter-linking between feeds? Why can’t I rank feeds or categories higher than others? Why can’t I rate items and let the cumulative ratings over time determine feed rankings? Why isn’t there some statistical combination of each of the above to put what I’m actually going to care about at the top of the list and the discussions about which syndication protocol is best at the bottom?

When you read this, the majority of aggregators seem more like FTP programs. RSS and XML are the future of search and the only innovations we see are Web based like the Technorati or other Blogline, Pubsub and MyRSS!

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