Sunday, October 03, 2004

Why Google don't encourage the users of RSS ?

Only 7% of the sources crawls have XML feeds. I'd estimate that only a few hundreds of the top 3,000 newspapers we crawl have RSS support.

After reading the post on the Topix Blog, I'm a bit surprise that no engine, except Yahoo, clearly encourage or stimulate the use of RSS in our sites. RSS is not only useful to News site, but in a lot of sections of the site. Every of thoses pages like the; Press Release, Portfolio, Calendar, Career, New products, Investor and a lot more sections, should have a RSS feed.

You save bandwith, and your clients save a lot of time by not visiting a page not changed since his last visit or by time save to manage the spam he receive in his email box because of the subscribtion of your press release.

Why not give bonus points on ranking, or a special category, or a logo on SERPs (like Yahoo), to thoses who take time to give to search engine a more structured feed. If the crawler of Google see that feed, we don't have to run complex algo to calculate the "weight" of words in the page and save computing time ! Why not encourage thoses strutured feed ?

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