Thursday, October 14, 2004

Google Desktop first impression: Frustration

Why ?

Give a bit more transparencies when you invade private life

When a program scan my hard disk I like to know at wich stage he is now, and at least see the name of files he is parsing in a status bar. That should be a minimum of good manners !

Opt-out at the place of Opt-in
Help us improve Google Desktop Search by sending non-personal usage data and crash reports.

Here again Google remain vague and don't have a minimum of clarification !

Time to crawl

Twice as much as Copernic to crawl less file!

Partial file crawling

Seem to have the 101k limit like in Web. That's make me really mad.

Html crawling

Yes, but only if your file have a .html extension, if it's .htm you can not see it! That really sucks!

IE only for Web browsing history

Even if its take Firefox and Opera as your defaut Web browser it is not taking the major hot thing in this program : The Web history!

Meta Indexing of your HTML files


Date of file indexed

Web History file's date is ok. Every computer files I don't open since the indexing process today have the same date of the 5 august ??? Even when I transfer few months ago 30k files from NT 4 english version with international date setting (dd/mm/yy) to my new computer with a french version of XP with date as (yy/mm/dd) don't make any problem !!!

I think I will stop were, take a cold shower, and try a bit more tomorrow before unistalled it!

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