Monday, October 11, 2004

New Exalead in Beta

Tons of options for this new version of the french search engine who now got a billion pages index. Here a list of the functionalities :
  • Related Terms
  • Related Categories
  • Web Site Location
  • Document Type
  • Bookmark Site
  • View Site in a Frame
  • One or Three Columns Thumbnail Views
  • Restrict Query to 11 langages
  • Restrict Query to Country
  • Restrict Query to four Types of Office Document or Rtf and Txt
  • Site: Search
  • Stemming Search
  • Phonetic Search
  • Approximate Spelling Search
  • Sorting by Date or Relevance
  • Prefix search
  • Pattern Search

Exalead supports regular expression patterns. Patterns are introduced by a slash ('/') character. Within a regular expression, '.' is a special character that can represent any character, '*' stands for character repetition, '|' stands for 'or', and parenthesis are used to group characters. '?' is placed the end of a character group to make it optional.

Searches for documents with words that match the pattern S . R EN .. PI . Y -- this can be very useful to finish your crossword puzzles!
Searches for documents containing any of the following: mpg, mpg1, mpg2, or mpg3.

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