Friday, October 15, 2004

GDS + Firefox + Slogger even index what Google can't see

I just test the Slogger Firefox extension who save in Html every kind (php, Websphere, asp, etc) files in a folder of your choice to let be crawl by Google Desktop. It work amazingly good. Even that page, made by Websphere, who will never appear in the Google index due to is uncrawlable url and construction, now appear in my Google Desktop query!

With that extension Google Desktop can now see ALL the pages your surfing and you could get back the textual information on a GDS search. Yes!

Here a Google query looking for a few words on the page link before. No URLs pointing to, because Google cannot crawl that page. But with GDS team up with Firefox and the Slogger extension here I can saw it in my "Results Store on your Computer".

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