Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gates: PC will replace TV, TV will become a giant Google

A not so bad article, and at first thought make me laugh at the first paragraph :
Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates must see Google everywhere he looks these days. He must even see Google when he closes his eyes, and enters that lucid dreaming state from which all of Microsoft's great strategies eventually emerge. What he sees at that moment, we imagine, is a Tellytubby landscape that looks a lot like the Windows XP default wallpaper - perhaps with Chairman Bill himself as the sun. But bouncing across this happy vista are the red, green and blue colored balls that have rolled out of the Google playpen.
But after reading the others one, for one of the first time I agree with the comment of a writer of the Reg.

Meanwhile, and this is even more astonishing, digital TV has become an object of widespread derision in the UK. For the first time in its history, the word "digital" has negative brand connotations. Such is the pushback against glitchy digital TV streams, full of drop outs and hiccups, and hard-to-use controls, that people are beginning to clamor for the analog signal to remain on. "Digital" now means "crap", which should give lazy marketeers some pause for thought. TV is becoming associated with the kinds of problems people associated with PCs. It's true a few programme formats lend themselves naturally to some form of interactivity: particularly live TV which invites vox pop polls or comments. But these gimmicks actually get in the way of programming with a conventional narrative pull: such as a movie, a drama or a footie match.

That one make me remember the party I got with friends, not seen for a while, a few day ago. They were around 28 to 45 years olds, and the majority are just new (around 1 to 3 years) with "new" technology. I was shock to see that party focusing on a joystick :

They were completly addick to a Xbox boost with a 200 gig drive and full of MP3, video clips and TV shows record on it with a easy to use GUI program to handle it. Almost 75% of the peoples who was there already have DVD and use and computers at work, but were totally obsessed by the Xbox hack to TV where you can have the total control with a Joystick, and make me a bit sick while the TV and Xbox take the control of the party ;-)

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