Friday, October 15, 2004

Google Desktop : Security Warning

If you install by defaut the Google Desktop and you go check your bank account via the Web, you will have good chances to see all your account informations indexed by the Desktop application.

I you make a search after with your Bank name, you will have a good chance to see in the cached results with all your credit or debit balance at the top your screen. Frightening!!!

You should uncheck this box fast or at least, the Google Desktop should make appear a warning treath each time you enter in a secure zone with https. Specially because because it's not so easy to retreive thoses informations to delete it in your hard disk.

Can anybody tell me why the peoples at Google let this line check in your preferences ?

Update: I know if anyone a bit tech saavy can see all thoses information using my computer, it is just it make it so easy and fast to do it, even without searching specifically for thoses private informations!!!


Ronnie T. Dodger said...

Eric - FYI

Desktop Search - A closer look

Martin Lessard said...

fyi: 2 analysts issued warnings suggesting Google's Desktop Search tool poses security risks for the enterprise.

The most significant threat is when desktop search is used while connected to a VPN.