Friday, October 15, 2004

Google Desktop second impression : Too soon

Here some test done this morning about the files it see on the Web and on your hard drive (hd) :
  • .htm (web yes / hd no)
  • .html?parameter (web no)
  • .html# (web yes)
  • .shtml (web yes/ hd yes)
  • .net files without filename (web no / not test)
  • .php (web no / hd no)
  • .asp (web sometimes* / hd no)

*If your URL is simple like filename.asp or with clear parameters (&src=web or even .asp?cid=11623) but not working if it's like (.asp?uniqueid=21633)

Here some wrong statements I read here and there on forums :

  • It can crawl other than only your C: drive if it's partionned (mine go to G:) and even find other USB drive (not verified by me)
  • It can show you more than 10 results for all your files. Just add &num=100 at the end of URL

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