Friday, April 08, 2005

Why is it important to keep outdated information in archive

I was try to know when Google Maps Satellite photos was taken in Montreal. I knew it was somewhere in 2003 by spotting some new construction nearby my home but was not sure when in the spring it was taken. I spot the old port of Montreal and we clearly saw the Cirque du Soleil big top on the picture. Where do you think I can find information on that ? On the Cirque du Soleil web site you'll think. Nah.

Like all the big events on the major entertainment shows or festivals in Quebec (Jazz Festival, Francofolie, Just for Laughs -the only one to got a tiny history-, World Film Festival) all those sites have no archive of the marvelous shows they made and the majors artists they bring here.

Theses sites have spend a lot of money (with our taxes and/or contributions)to make the bio of artists and calendar of their shows, and many many more information, to the Web and they flushed all that goodies for ? Because the majority of thoses sites are made by Ad or Web agencies who don't know nothing about search engine and archive history.

That's really stupid. If the Jazz Festival have keep up his archive online, on a BB King, Ella, Urban Sax, Eric Clapton (and hundreds of other big's name who goes there often) query, they are a lot of chance to find it in thoses archives of thoses big events name. That's a huge trafic they miss.

BTW: Where to you think I found the date (between may 15 and june 15) of the Google satellite picture ? In a small Auberge of Old Montreal where the data is no longer available in their new site but still on their server ! Funny no ?

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