Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Google Video : Upload Program is there

You'll want to share video with everybody ? You want to start VideoBlogging ? Here is the place to put your movies of any lenght, for free or by charging, and show them to the rest of the world for free. But it's seem VideoCasting will not work because it's gonna be a streming media. If you want Google to charge to see your video, they will keep 30% of the gross recipe, but in special case it can be more.
More details on SEW.

May be it is a historic date to another step in the World Wild Web?
Update 8pm EST : Two first views by Loren Baker

The last point of Raymond M. Kristiansen of bring out is the first step in my mind :
I am personally very interested to see where Google will take Blogger with this. Maybe in the future Blogger will be ‘made for videoblogging’. If so, this will make it Very easy for videobloggers to choose Blogger as their favourite blogging tool.

I use Hello and Blogger for a "unlimited free storage pictures server" for one my blog and I loved it. It will rock acquisition of new peoples and give them a huge collection of data and information.

The first comment from Steve Garfield in this same interview :
We already go to Google to find everything else. Why not video too? For viewers, it’ll give the average internet user who is familiar with searching using the Google interface, a comfortable way to explore finding video on the web. For producers, it gives them a huge audience that could possible find their videos more easily.
Update 12pm EST :
The Google site experiment this feature since a few month but undercover. If you search for olympic stadium you will see normal results but if you add olympic stadium pictures or images (with a s give you sometimes picture you can't see without) you'll see picture of the stadium before the normal results. This can be done for videos to easily.

Update thurday 00:45 pm EST :
Other points in Inside Google

I'd love to have a cristal ball to see where it will be... in december !

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