Monday, April 18, 2005

How to make a Web Designer AND a SEO guy happy ?

Just with three little letters : DTR. Thoses stand for Dynamic Text Replacement.

For a graphic designer the web is a nightmare mainly because the limited text styling he can use on a web page to attract his audience. Specially with the titles, the designer have only a choice of a few fonts because the end-user of the page got to have the same font in his computer to have the same rendering on the page. Specially with all the different operating systems (pc, mac, linux) this narrowed a lot the choice of the designer.

The easy way to solve the problem was to convert the text in a image to get back a lot of choice in the text styling. It will give headaches to webmaster on a site that is updated several times per day. This is also a very bad thing for the search engine robots and text analyzing softwares, who can't understand text embed in images. Also it is a huge problem for the search engine optimizer peoples who count on text titles to improve ranking in the search engine result pages.

The solution for those problems are here in this demo page. You got all the files and the recipe here in english, french and german.

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