Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The turning point of the News Business

Here two greats article on the media sector. First, from the Financial Times, the internet advertising will soon close the gap on newspapers in UK.

Second, the democratization of the News Business from Chris Peck at
  • News will be generated by the people who are chosen, not the chosen people.
  • News will be more a conversation about making sense of the world, less of a sermon from on high.
  • News will rely on the wisdom of the many, not the insight of the few, with journalists being knowledge leaders.
  • News will be multilayered, from very personal accounts to highly evolved overviews by real pros.
  • News will be available anytime, from your phone, computer or new technologically advanced device.
  • News will be framed according to your social networks, your age and your tribe.
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