Monday, May 09, 2005

Google Maps Timeline

Oct. 2004 : The inspiration's source site who gave us Google Maps

Update: October 25

8 feb 2005 : Launch of Google Maps
9 feb : Only a day after Google Maps Reversed Engineered
16 feb: First application to localize by GPS your Google Maps
25 feb: Under Google Maps study : Nice paper on AJAX.
3 march: Integration in Google Local of Google Maps US and Canada
7 march: First Unofficial Google Maps Standalone Viewer
11 march: Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets
22 march: MyGmaps allow you to create your own Google Maps!
31 march: Google Ride finder allow you to find a taxi, or a limo, in real time in a dozain of US cities!

6 april : Google Maps add satellite pictures to Google Maps.

6 april : A bunch of sites on Google Maps are appearing on the Web
6 avril : First really amazing scraping site who combine Google Maps+Craig List and make a lot of noises ! Even Google Engineers say Wow!
13 april: Google Maps Mania A great site devote to all mashups, scrapings and other thing about Google Maps
19 april : Google Maps jump over the Atlantic and put the country of fish & chips and Guiness beer on the map!
1 may :Another scraping Google Maps + Yahoo Traffic. A bit long to load but useful in US only.
21 april: Dasnet Terraserver Topographic Maps over Google Maps
2 may: Really nice scraping of Google Maps + Flickr! It's have a huge potential.
3 may: Seattle MLS real estate on Google Maps
12 may: Firefox+Greasemonkey script to automate Geotagging
14 may: Foundcity a urban (New York) tagging tool!
17 may: Chicago (done) and Boston project of Transport Map layer over Google Maps.
17 may: Cheap Gas in US. A really nice integration à la Paul Rademacher!
17 may: 10 US cities Movies and cinemas database (same guy as Cheap Gas above)
17 may: Chicago Crime Geolocation tool
17 may: Miami Real Estate Locator by ListSomething. Poor local copy of Paul Rademacher Craig List & Google Maps
18 may: The first state to do it. Sexual predators list in Florida.
19 may : Seem to be OK to hack Google Maps. The good news, from O'Reilly, is Google may be developing an API to clarify this !
20 may: Google Maps Wallpapers : Not a hack using a layer over it but a tool to merge the small tiles to create a wallpaper.
21 may: My own epicurius scraping with MyGmaps
22 may: Dating Services on Google Maps (US only)
22 may: Craiglist & Google Maps hacks improved and cross the border with three new canadian cities, and with rooms and sublets rental for all the cities !
24 may: Weird embedding of Google Maps in... Flash !?!
25 may: Sex offender in Texas (not working at this moment)
25 may: BBC News on Google Maps. I knew that one will coming up one day !
31 may: Sport Maps for UK with the BBC Backstage data.
June 2: Piggy-Bank is a open source project of MIT to scrap information and turn your Firefox in a Semantic Web Browser. Lots of pootential !!!
June 3: A new tool to easily build your own Google Maps !
June 5: for UK.
June 9: Seattle Bus Monster. Highly pratical site if you plan to pass by Seattle ! All the Seattle bus information, traffic cams and border data.
June 13: Zoto make a Geobloggers clone !
June 13: Census over Google Maps = gCensus
June 15: Google Maps UK Datasets! Great integration.
June 16: Canadian Real Estate Cytadia
June 20: The One-Way appears now as a blue arrows on maps. Also zoom-out on all the world (just main rivers and country borders are now defined).
June 21: Google Maps add satellite images for the rest of the world. Roma Italia.
June 27: Soon a Open WorldCat scraping to show you where to find your nearest spot for books !
June 29: Google finally release an API for Google Maps
June 30: Wheather over G-Maps
July 8: Irak Casualties
July 10: Gmaps transparencies
July 10: Google Maps Pedometer
July 11: US cities free Wi-fi.
July 11: Real time GPS Tracker over Google Maps
July 11: Been Mapped : Bookmark your best spot on Google Maps and let others vote for it.
July 14: Wifi Hot Spot in US
July 14: Google Maps add Japan with maps and satellite images
July 14: Bod Dylan tour over Google Maps
July 14: GreaseMap An Firefox GreaseMonkey Script to display Google Maps over Web page who contains geolocation data
July 18: Google Maps Control Panel
July 18: Airport Code
July 20: Not a new apps, but a funny story : Google Maps used to fight a fine !
July 20: Google Maps to the moon.Pssst: Zoom at the maximum level.
July 21: HotOrNot.
July 21: Events & Venues Mapper All kind of events and venues in US.
July 22: Find your neighbors (US only). Put your neighbors data with the name, address, and phone number of everyone on that street.
July 22: Google Maps add a Hybrid view. Borders over satellite over all the world and cities and provinces (CAN)/states(US)/county(GB) except for Japan. This may be inspired by Gmaps transparencies
July 23: New hack who help to zoom in. I pretty sure Google will implement that feature soon.
July 23: Wheather in UK on Google Maps.
July 23: WhereIs is a WhoIs (geo-location of server) on Google Maps.
July 25: Really nice integration of a few Vancouver pictures galleries with Google Maps by Pixel Development. Via Google Maps Mania
July 28: Gmdir. A Google Maps Directory
July 28: Google Maps & Virtual Earth side by side.
July 29: KMaps allow Google Maps to work on a Treo 650.
August 2: Oodle An real estate mashup like Paul Rademacher done with a nice tabs integration.
August 2: TLabel, an Google Maps API extension to display text or graphic small window over Google Maps.
August 10: GVisits is mapping your site's visitors on G-Maps with a simple javascript embedding in your page.
August 20: Map your Ancestors
August 20: Wheater Bonk : Professional Weater Maps
August 23: Blackberry can now use Google Maps with HelloWorld apps.
August 30: Over 150 years of hurricane and typhoon data and path.
Sept 9: New Orleans Flood Map with levels of water
Sept 9: Exmouth to Seaton Cycle ride tracklog demo. (Work better in IE than Firefox)
Sept 26: Zip code mapping service. Really nice apps where you can either click on a map's zone or enter data in the zip code box.
Oct 25: Chat with Google Maps. Wow !!!

Note to readers and users of the API: I will not included commercial stuff in that list and/or apps that, IMHO, is not useful -e.g. apps like tagzania-.


Dustin Luther said...

Great List... It is amazing how quickly people have taken to integrating Google Maps with other applications!

Anonymous said...


Here's a few more dates you might like to add--not that I'm tooting my own horn, or anything... :-)

~March 7, 2005 -- First Unofficial Google Maps Standalone Viewer:
Some announcements: Google Maps Standalone Viewer announcement 1
Google Maps Standalone Viewer announcement 2

First (as far as I know) standalone application:

Live Seattle 911 Incident Viewer

~10 February 2005 -- Additional reverse engineering announcement:

Beginnings of additional Google Maps reverse engineering

Related sites:

Google Maps Hacking and Bookmarklets

Google Maps Standalone Viewer

Also, note that there were two other unpublicised Craigslist/GMaps mashup implementations around at the same time as the one you have listed (don't have the URLs handy).

--Phil. ( developer)

Anonymous said...

Also check out:

Anonymous said...

Just created a new mashup at:

which plots WiGLE data using google maps

Anonymous said...

My site was posted up on bbc backstage on 05 Jun 2005 11:51 AM not June 15.


Anonymous said...

Nice list, Eric

Anonymous said...

Neither Guiness, nor Ireland, are part of the same country that brought you fish and chips, anymore than Canada is a state of the USA.

Luistxo Fernandez said...

July the 20th, Tagzania launched. Social software meets Google Maps, through the bookmarming and tagging model.

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Vidal said...

Another great implementation of Google Racing Circuits Satellite Maps. Check it out here:

Keir Clarke said...

Virtual Tourism This site shows satellite images from Google maps with accompanying videos.

broadbander said...

Just finsished a site using Google Maps for UK broadband providers - shows the distance to your local exchange and calculates the maximum broadband speed of an ADSL connection. UK broadband world

Syndicated Maps said...

Cool use of Google Maps for Red Light Cameras

Anonymous said...

Please add Aardvark map to your timeline. It's a tool that helps novice webmasters add maps to websites, forum posts or emails, and also offers extra features such as optional data overlays.

Unknown said...

Heres another google map based website.
You can create and share hunting and fishing pics and link those pics to GPS markers. Each of the markers can be public or private (with individual or group access) in case you don't want to share with everybody.

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