Thursday, November 29, 2007

Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo promote Fake Ads Site on first result page with undertaker domain parking company

It will be the second aniversary of the death of*. It was a collaborative blog in french were in Quebec we where between august 2002 and december 2005 two dozens of Web passionates of IT who was writing on that blog.

*It was sponsored by Michel Cartier a professor and researcher at the Department of Communications at the University of Quebec in Montreal and consultant in new information and communication technologies (NICT) for various companies and governments in both Europe and North America.

Now the surprise, a query on my name on Microsoft Live returns today for first result : !

The domain name seem to have been purchased after the end of that blog more than a year after the site was closed, and this smart guy from Australia who use Switzerland server, have seems to study the old links pointing to our city and use it to put sponsored links to Montreal now.

Yahoo, also give me a third position and this, 23 months after the site was closed and where my name was never been there!

I don't really explain to be a mistake, just a deal with the undertaker domain parking company Sedoparking !

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