Sunday, January 29, 2006

Google Should Reach 25 Billion Indexed Documents

Some datacenters of Google display now 25,270,000,000 results. That's more than the double of the last estimate index of around 9,6 to 11,6 billion. Here the ones : (Big Daddy)

Here is some small comparison tests :


But a bigger index didn't mean de facto a better result. I try with my name plus a term associate to me sometimes in french :
Google : Results 1 - 52 of about 407
New DCs : Results 1 - 60 of about 432

  • The new DC's give at position 3 and 4, results from Jux2 ! No so good for that query.
  • Google give me some result where I'm no longer in that page (last comment made) while the new DC's still! No so bad for that result.
  • The new DC's found 6 new results and 2 really worth it.
The best way to find it is useful for you is to test by your own.

Update : After a few test, it is better on popular/commercial terms, but with unusual query it still have a bit more of garbage.

PS: The new algo seem to favor shorter title tag !

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