Saturday, June 04, 2005

Google make a step in the Creative Commons with Sitemaps

Nice move ! I whope the next step will be API for Google Maps with the same overture !

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lighting cameraman said...

I am undecided as to whether site maps help or hinder a website. I am conscious that on the one hand, correctly inserting a site map via GWebmaster Tools, means confirming a Google account and WM Tools account. And that this then needs to be verified (read: G pushing importance of getting a site map as a strategy towards aquiring a certified mailing list of website owners for future marketing strategies – and there is nothing wrong with that, for those not specialized in this field)

Equally I’ve seen sites perform just as well that have absolutely nothing to do with the specialist services offered by the search engine, so I’m not still undecided.

If I see a site is not getting indexed well, I’ll add a site map (and by that I mean XML sitemap loaded into Google webmaster tools, in all cases a site map is featured on a clients website)