Thursday, February 17, 2005

Why I prefer Google over Yahoo

A few minutes ago I checked my log file and see that line in it :

17 February10:30Fidelity Investments, United States

A bit surprise by this new visitor, I check why he landed on my blog. When I saw he was coming from Yahoo, I look what was his query.

Ha ah ! This guy was auditing the Web to find people talking badly about his company. But when I saw my blog was in 11th position for that expression I was really surprise ! I even not remember the post on the big success that company got with the Google stock. But why Yahoo give me the eleven rank for that expression where in that post I don't use the word "sucks" ? In the archive of the month, this bad word appear only once and 1,992 words after the sequence "Fidelity Investments" !

That not really a good proximity ratio on 1,430 results ? Yahoo should lower this ratio because it make this guy landed here for nothing !

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Anonymous said...

You made an interesting remark, I always notice the same, visitors show up on my page because of completely stupid searches..
but it happens also with Google (example: typing "madonna" and arrived up to me!! when I was just qutoing the name 1 or twice in a page talking about famous singers..)

From my experience, Yahoo and Google algorithms produce relatively similar results (I think Yahoo copied Google).
MSN seems better to me, because it doesn't give an exagerate importance to blogs like Google (with google, you quote a name of a village in your blog and !! you come before the official site of this village..)

But of course each engine has its advantages.. personally i never used Yahoo because their search was really bad (maybe less now that they developed a news engine and bought Inktomi)

If you are french, you can check for more search engine related news !