Friday, February 11, 2005

Google Maps Revisited : Don't follow the help instruction !

On my precedent post on Google Maps I find the rendering of the map spectacular, but the data associate with a query quite bad.

When you follow the help page to find a products/services in your city with the word "in" or "near" you usually get some results far away form the area where you live. Even zooming in you're area and remake the same search bring you back to the first area you've get in the first search prior zooming with some store/office far away where you are. But that's not the way to use it. The guys at Google who wrote the help page and the Map Tour have not talk to the programmers of the application !!!

Don't use "in" or "near" and even your city in your query !

Go to Google Maps
  1. Double click on your search area on the map (this will center the map on your search location)
  2. Type in the search box the product or service you want
  3. Zoom in to a level you want to travel to, for the business/service
  4. Drag the card to locate your area where you live
  5. Go back to the search box again without erase the item you search and press Enter again
Tadam ! Finally the business around your area will appear !

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