Monday, February 07, 2005

Google putting images in SERPs: To counter MSN-Encarta ?

As you can see here, Google start to put images in the Search Engine Results Pages. Why now, Google Image is there since a long time ? I suspect that new move from Google is to counter the new release of MSN Search who include Encarta database now in the results of its index.
PS: To see image in the Google results, you must use a proxy like Anonymizer, because it is sporadic on the regular result.


Martin Lessard said...

First question : why the use of a proxy allows systematicaly the images on Google and not without?

Second question: why using proxy returns 1 millions less results (that is a third less) than without a proxy ?

Third question : How come your second result (nine planets solar systems tour) completly disapears without a proxy?

This isn't what I call a trustable search engine return page...

Any cue?

Eric Baillargeon said...

Google often target some client to test new products and services. They reveal recently using excite@home internet provider subnet (#6 to get some metrics on their new service.
It is working ramdomly without a proxy and I guess its use a particular datacenter (like a big dev server) to feed the results.