Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tiscali and the Black Hat technics

Here some facts in Italian telecommunications Tiscali's page from his division in South Africa. I'm not sure they will stand there for long :
We submit your website to key South African and International search engines and re-submit monthly to keep its rankings as high as possible. The search engines include: Gauteng.com, Ananzi, Northern Lights, Aardvark, Hotbot, Webcrawler, Altavista, Google, Excite, Go, Lycos and Ask Jeeves.
Resubmitting a website each month give you nothing more and it is not helping your site to keep its rankings as high as possible. Also they should revise their list of SE because Northern Light is out since a few years and HotBot no more using Inktomi, so it's not a search engine anymore.

But this other paragraph is going against a lot of search engines guideline :
We rewrite your home page in meta tags and hidden words and create doorway pages that target specific search engines in order to increase your website ranking. We also do on-going re-phrasing of power scripting and optimise each individual page for different engines.
Did some SEO company from France have make a deal with Tiscali ?

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