Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yahoo! transgressing their own rules

Funny coincidence. I just receive a email from the Yahoo! team :

The URL you suggested

< url:http://www.the-site-I-submitted.com: >

was not added to Yahoo! Canada because the site
appears to be under construction. Here are some of
the most common factors that make a site incomplete:

- broken images or links
- text links that have no information yet
- an "under construction" announcement on the site
- a site that does not work in all major browsers

When your site is fully functioning, please resuggest
your listing through our online process.
Ok, the site I submit have two section "coming soon" on it. But all the products are there, only the testimonial and an other section missing.

But when you are searching for the new Yahoo! beta 360 °, surprise you'll see it with the directory listing :
"Category: Cyberculture > Virtual Communities"
But if you click on it you get a 404 page ! Even on the Jeremy page, all the horizontal menu give you 404 !

They should follow their own rules, no ?

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