Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google Is Destined To Fail In China

A rarely signed article of China Tech News, from Perry Wu, on the Google foothole in China :

I was attending a small wedding for one of China's Internet gurus, and the CEOs from many of China's top technology companies were in attendance. They were all chums and getting along fine, even though the press portrays them as vicious competitors. Can Google sit at that table? No, it doesn't have the pedigree and it has not "eaten the bitterness" that the other domestic firms have ingested.

Google is a very open company when it comes to press releases and movements within its firm. But there are many things that can happen to a business in China that might seem fine on the mainland, but won't work in the halls of Wall Street or in the glare of Sarbanes-Oxley. has gotten away with the firing of top executives without notice to the press. gets embroiled in a lawsuit that, if it were an American firm, would get it airtime on CBS's "60 Minutes" show, but in China it only gets a few quick blurbs in the Chinese press. Can Google live like this? Can it look itself in the mirror each morning and say "No Evil!" or will it instead say, "Hear no evil; See no evil"?
I'm not sure this will be the same after the olympic ! The chineses are already awake, but after the world will be !

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