Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google China : And your Morality ?

I'm real tired to read majorities of thoses stories about evil and censorship.

  1. First, for who follow a bit the China Web tendancies since a few years, nothing have, - and will-, change at all for Google since 2002 !
  2. Second, did you think the filters have make any difference for *the chineses* who wants to have access to something ? They have absolutely no problem to reach anything. We can compare this as a beta SafeSearch Filtering !!!
  3. Third, China and Google are really so evil ? Why I see your car on the WallMart parking every week and why every big corporation comply to the chinese communist party rules ?
Hypocrisy !!!
PS: But if I read something about Google let Gmail open in China, and after give some private informations of an possible offender to the Chines governement, it will then be a different ball game !

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