Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wikipedia getting more and more popular

From this MediaPost article (free sub required) we learn that Wikipedia got more and more surfers (600% over less than 18 months) and start to put shadow on search engine. Here a snippet :
The Hitwise report revealed something else intriguing: With nearly 600,000 "living" articles to date, Wikipedia's orderly collection of consumer-created content is becoming a high-powered magnet for Internet searches. A ranking of all Web sites based on the total volume of traffic received directly from search engines placed Wikipedia at 146 in June 2004. But in September 2004 it jumped in the ranking to 93; 71 in December 2004; and in March 2005, it was the 33rd most popular site in terms of visits received from search engines.

Nice move. But I think Wiki is A Web reference, but it's lack of pizzas style like Google Maps or other plus value sites, and it will reach its ceiling soon in a point a view of competition of search engine leads.

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