Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Google Going Evil

After the flop of the Google Web Accelerator, Google seem to going to enrole us in anyway they can.

When I go to the Google site this evening, after the black out of Blogger for almost 2 hours (why they don't make maintenance between 1 to 6 am ???), sometimes I saw that information on my screen :

It's looking like when I was login when I tested, really briefly, the My Web History of Google ? When I sign out, the "Sign in" remain on my screen all the time. Even if I deleted the My Web History in my account (I use Gmail and I got an API key) if I click again the "Sign in" link I back in the My Web History ???

If this is still there at the end of the week, bye bye AdSense, Blogger account,and Gmail. Yahoo will have an happy new user !!! I know by my log a few Googleplex peoples read my blog, take this message upstair !

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