Thursday, May 19, 2005

SEM Getting More and More Complex

Nice article on the new perpectives of the SEM. But the tendencies are more complex. Here a snip :
Luckily, it isn't that difficult to get your client listed in a local-search tool. The largest like Ask, Google and Yahoo have deals with the phone companies and publishers of the Yellow Pages to include all their listings, regardless of whether the businesses listed even have websites.

This is really not enough. The local (YP) listing give not much information and have not enough stuff in it. Some Map Engine like Google Maps, scraped yours internet page to try to found addresses and matching keywords to give results to users. Here is a good example. And here is a bad example.

Also I think the vertical search market will suffer, -- and the services business will be first to bit the dust---, from the mapping search engines.

She also not speak about the RSS. RSS will have a huge impact on SEM. For now, almost only blog and Newspaper sites using it. But that will change soon.

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