Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yahoo got a record year ! But where are the million$ from Google ?

Here the article of ClickZ.
For the full year, it recorded net income of $840 million, or $0.58 per share.

But where in the above article is the money from Google ? :
Google Inc. has one fewer page of negative search results to its credit today after it settled a patent infringement lawsuit brought by rival search firm Yahoo Inc. Victory, however, comes at a price, which in this case will include charges of $260 million to $290 million and a first-quarter loss.

Under the terms of the settlement, Google will issue 2.7 million shares of stock to Yahoo. The deal also resolves another dispute with Yahoo over stock issued last year under a 2000 agreement between the two companies. All told, the settlement is worth about $328 million to Yahoo, assuming the Sunnyvale company sells all its shares at $121.50, the midpoint in the per-share range that Google has suggested for its initial public offering, or IPO.

CFD tu peux m'aider à comprendre ?

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