Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Google Video

The Google Video Beta is now live. It's not, for the moment, to find a movie to see it on your computer like the also new Yahoo Video, but more a way to search the transcript of the programs on air recently (about 2 weeks as I can saw). It's also a way to see when your favorite program will be on air.

It can be also a good way to see the hot news of the past days and where it was been on air ;-)

Here the About page of Google Video.


Harry said...

Google's Video Search is very raw. I know it is their prototype, but it is really lacking in essentials, like actual moving footage. The transcriptions are a nice addition, but they can be quite badly done. Anyway, I was tipped off on BlinkxTV and found it quite impressive. It does what I think Google Video should have done.

catherine parker said...

Has you looked at blinkxtv yet? it by far the best video search out tehre, it allows you to search for videos on 22 channels so you get the most up to date coverage. You also are able to actaully watch the video, unlike google. I am not sure why google is naming their video search video search, when it is more like picutre search? hmmm...blinktv is super neat!