Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Flash and SEO : No (more) problemo !?!

I was never a fan of Flash because the resulting SWF files won't get crawled by search engine's robots. But the graphist and artistic director always love Flash. That's why the artistic's guy was not my favorite friends in my work. But this can change soon.

Do you know Shaun Inman ?

Until today, me too! But that guy invented a technique to 'Un-embed' Flash in a Html page. Wow!

He wrote his pages out as standard XHTML and then used javascript and the Document Object Model to replace all designated text with Flash-rendered text a split second after the page had loaded. Known as IFR, or Inman Flash Replacement, this method was rightly praised by the web community for enabling rich typography without affecting any underlying XHTML code. The method had many revolutionary features and only a few shortcomings, the most glaring of which was the lack of support for multiple lines of text.

But Mike Davidson improve those innovations and now you can have multiple lines of text. Are we gonna see long movie soon ? Not yet, but thoses techniques improve rapidly !

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