Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The decline of ethical SEO and the new lure on profit only business of that market

When I read something like that from Batelle I'm a bit scary of the educational part of what SEO should be:
The point is, whoever joins SEMPO, agrees to act by some basic fair play rules. That's not policing, that's common sense. It'll be good for the industry, good for SEMPO, and good for search.

I saw Sempo last year for the first time and I was really shock when I saw the front page! My first thought was : Is that organisation really want to promote fair value of SEO and SEM with the first right column full of sponsors and the right one with a huge list of SEO companies links where I know a few one over the years using some discusting techniques to get good ranking ? Ok, don't get mad on your first impression and dig a bit more. But after looking; the articles, editorial and case studies I was not very more and more sceptical. Specially with the last one :

Traffic jumped 12,833% in 12 months...
... the site currently handles over 1500 unique visitors per day.

Did I read 12,833% and now 1,500 visitors per day ? If you go see Web Archive it seem impossible that site got only 0,0085 visitor by day before ? That's less than 1 visitor a week ? One of my customer get 3,500 visitors by day since three years selling only men's underwear! Not flowers where we should buying more than twice a year if we won't pay lawyers for divorce ;-)

The final page of Sempo who convinced me to pass by was this one, the Join US page.
First thing you see there : Links from SEMPO Home Page
Second : How many line you got in description and howe many external links and logo
Third : Right to use SEMPO logo
Forth : Advertising opportunities
Fifth : Burk! I'm sick reading that shit who was supposed to promote ethical SEO and rehabilitate the SEM/SEO industry

The good news today is after Mike Grehan publish his story last month, Danny and Chris resign from the board of Sempo.

A good move !

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