Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another big big lost for Search Engine Watch

Seem Incisive Media, the company who bought Search Engine Watch from Jupiter Media just more than 1 year ago, won't renew the contracts of Danny Sullivan, the founder of SEW and the first Guru on the search engine and marketing sector. I'm sad !

Incisive Media who let go THE "Reference" of the SE sector and the first librarian who catch the importance of search engine in the new web culture, may be want to make more place to the new generation, or IMHO, want to save money and trow out the Gurus who cost them to much !!!

You will definitely missed me, good luck Danny !
PS: If they let go Chris Sherman, I predict the death of SEW in a near future !


Jonathan Villiard said...

Now the big question is: What Danny Sulivan do now? Writing his book he talks about so often? Start a new company? Go work at Google? It will be interesting to see...

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Hope I can write articles like this in the near future. Regards, Col :)