Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Allpeers : Not sure !

Allpeers was supposed to be online today !

Its a P2P Firefox extension for file sharing on YOUR computer. After reading the Techcrunch post this afternoon, i go to the site and the "Coming soon logo" was, - and still is at 0h20 thursday EST-, on the site !

I test the site for fun and simply add /the-normal-keyword/ to the domain name url and voilà ! I'm on the page offering the extension for Win/Mac/Linux. After installing the extension you'll be prompt to a screen for username, password, email... and activation key. Oups..... In clicking the link below explaining what is the activation key, the tell us the key have 12 digits. Ok ! I try the simpliest combination and bang i'm on it and everything works !

Ouf ! This 200,000 line of c++ extension who weight about 13 megabytes and who will open my computer for file sharing is open like that without invitation and a bit more secure activation code ? A bit scary no ?

I test-it half an hour and it was working not so bad. But the bummer is you can't use Firefox without been connected to Allpeers even if you got a Allpeers logo in your Firefox status bar saying your connected. You've got also an Allpeers status in the status on WinXP but the only thing you can do is to quit Firefox or open Allpeers. Not very good if you're doing some intensive transfer with other net application and still need Firefox to surf the web.

Hope they will soon add a way to close or disable the Allpeers connection without to uninstall it. This is what I will do in the next 30 seconds.

Sorry folks but you should not post your blog news about opening with that open "hidden" directory and really stupid activation key number.

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