Monday, June 26, 2006

Huckabuck : An Search Engine Equalizer

Nice new (2.0 ;-) generation of an meta search engine who query the old folks like Google, Yahoo and MSN and also the new generation like Technorati, and... Digg.

The search tuner of Huckabuck give you the same twist as the Search Builder of MSN but with more sources it can give you more accurate results.

  • The six sources of data with the equalizer can give you nice or fresher results better than any other metasearch for now
  • The control of the six sources the equalizer give us
Less Good
  • Stemming and the too much consideration of the stop words like; on, the... in the results ?
  • Many results from the same domains without duplication control
Like to see
  • Possibility to save our own equalizing preference
  • Adding new sources
Great new tool. Hope the speed will be faster and they will found fund to enhance this promising tools !!!

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