Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why dissallowing Google Base to main SERP's

Google Base to be another Froogle

Sorry for Google Base team, but I'm pretty sure that Google Base will never lift up. As I mention in that post, the site lack of thoses elements:
  1. If the upcoming Google Base will allow in a near future the possibility of GUI (graphic template to be add to dataset)
  2. If the data is well integrated in the SERP's (search engine results page)
  3. If they avoid major bugs in deployment
  4. If they can avoid spammers (were the Captcha ?)
  5. If it include a payment system (Google Purchases or Google Wallet)
  6. If it have a well developed Google Base API
Since that, even the deployment have problem with point 3 with the porn/adult and casino spammers.

Also this week, Google have put a final nail in point number 2, by blocking Google Base in his main index using a Disallow: /base in his Robots.txt !!!

Why dissallowing Google Base to main SERP's ? If I make a query to find a bike nearby for my girlfriend, I will use Google first... And found a Craigslist entry in first spot!

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