Sunday, December 25, 2005

Videotron DNS and Google/Gmail have Problems

UPDATE 26 december: Seem to been a DNS server problem from our ISP. It should be a good idea for Google to provide on the help page the IP numbers of Gmail.

For the last 24 hours I don't have any access to my Gmail account. Here is what I saw :

I have access to Gmail static pages subdomain without problem, the dynamic one's are very slow to load sometimes and with some other time, will not load at all. No way to access my Gmail account ! The only way to see something is to log on my Google Personalyze homepage, to saw only the header of the new messages I received but can't full read thoses. Frustrating !

I leave message on the gmail forum and I also use the troubleshooting form to tell my problem. I received at my ISP email address this automatic reply email :


Thanks for taking the time to send us your report. Please consult our technical issue help pages at:
for guided assistance with the problem you're experiencing. Just click 'Invitations/Registration' or 'Login/Account Access' to begin the process.

If your browser gets stuck on 'Loading' when you log in to Gmail, please visit the following link to troubleshoot the issue:

If you can't access your account, please disable any Internet security or
personal firewall software installed on your computer for troubleshooting
purposes. Then, clear your browser's cache, and try logging in to Gmail.
If you are still unable to access your account, please respond to this
message, and include answers to the questions provided at the end of this
message. We'll then be able to investigate the issue, and assist you

We're sorry, but we can't respond to inquiries regarding feature requests
and feedback. Please know that your comments are important to us, and we
read each individual message. All suggestions, feedback, and feature
requests are forwarded to the appropriate teams. Thanks for helping us
make improvements to Gmail.


The Gmail Team

1) When are you encountering difficulties? Are you receiving any specific
error messages?

2) How often does this occur? Is this your first time you've seen this
problem or has it been a consistent issue?

3) What operating system are you using? Example: MAC 9.2.1.

4) What browser version are you using? Please specify the exact version.
(In Internet Explorer, use 'About Internet Explorer' in the Help menu; in
Netscape, use 'About Communicator,' also in the Help menu.)

5) Do you have any Internet security, firewall, anti-virus or pop-up
blocking software installed? If so, which application(s)?

6) Do you have any browser extensions or toolbars installed?

7) If applicable, please include the full message header for each message
affected by this issue. To display full headers, open your message, and
click 'More Options' next to the recipient(s') name(s). Click 'Show
original.' Copy and paste the contents of the new browser window in to
your reply email. If you do not wish to include the text of the affected
email message, please be sure that you paste the entirety of all other
information listed above.

If you'd like to view more Gmail troubleshooting tips, check out the Gmail
Help Discussion to see what's worked for other users:

Did this email resolve your issue?

If yes, please click here:
If no, please click here:

The problem is I can't access your *$#%$??#$@* links in your email !!! I saw no other easy way to communicate with Gmail, -no phone number-, and it's not a browser/cookies issue because I try the same with IE.

I start to thing it was a very bad idea to promote my Gmail address as my main email ! I also saw a few folks who have also problems with Gmail in forum and a few with Google too. It's not a very nice Christmas gift for us :-(

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Martin Lessard said...

Seems to be some's DNS. I have the same problem with all the google's family or related site (as soon as a site has google ads or Google analytics, in fact). But my brother outside Montreal's island doesn't have the same trouble.

Videotron is aware of this, but doesn't seem to know what to do with it or how to locate the bad dns server (or whatever the problem is)... IP adress is

gmail login: