Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Research on B2B buyers by Marketing Sherpa & Enquiro

Here is the 17 pages research (pdf) fill with a lot of easy reading tables. Here some interesting snippets :

  • Place users go is search (64%), followed by going directly to a well known manufacturer (19%) and going to a portal on the industry (6.6%)
  • 82.9% of the searchers chose Google as their engine of choice
  • With users with a Masters degree, Google was the favorite of 86.6%
  • 36.8% of buyers researched and purchased online while 27.3% researched online but purchased offline
  • 69.6% use traditional organic listings (76.7% for Google users) versus 24.6% use sponsored listings
  • The organic ranking click rate is 27.4% for the first position, 19.5% for second and 12.8 for third rank

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