Thursday, July 29, 2004

Microsoft reveal, in private, is new Local PC File Search

Microsoft have demonstrate at the annual Microsoft financial analyst meeting their "new" technology that allows a user to search both the Web and a PC's hard drive. But this quote is not a real good news for the average users :
Mehdi did not say when the technology would be available, but mentioned it would be sold as some kind of service.
In this other article, I am a bit more sceptical about that software/technology will be out before 2010 :-)
How about software that can recognize a picture of a bar code taken with your cell phone, and provide you with product information? Or technology that can sort photos based on whether there's a face in the picture, or whether the picture was taken outdoors?
Update : A very interesting research about the semantic fail of the actual SE for sites who are structured by subtemplating (or block)! Really interesting to see that from MS !

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