Friday, February 03, 2006

Google Scoreboard

Here the Scoreboard from Forbes and my appreciation too :

Google Services Scoreboard
Google Services

Forbes Scores

My Scores
1. Search:A-A
2. Contextual Ads:C+B+
3. Local/Maps/Earth:B+ A-
4. Froogle:D+D
5. Gmail:CB-
6. Base:CD
7. Search Appliances:BC-
8. Google Pack:C-C
9. Video Store:CC-
10. Blogger:C-B
11. Google Talk::B-C

1- The share of Google is probably higher than Forbes think. Also Google get more and more traffic and gain part of the pie year after years.
2- Forbes say "Google doesn't break out revenue from AdSense, but most analysts believe it is a small part of the company's business." Wrong here guys. Adsense was for the 42% of Google revenue last Q4. I didn't put a higher mark because of the splogs affecting AdSense.
3- Google have start testing ads on the maps itself and also place some sponsored links in local results in Google Local.
4- No so competitive compare to other shopping engine
5- Getting better every year. Even in french a saw more ads more ads who don't bug me.
6- The worst product/service, even before Orkut. A huge potential waste !
7- A small niche.
8- An average package but a very smart installation process.
9- A badly and very too soon launch. Hope they will be soon a huge makeover à la Gmaps
10- It's time for some enhancement here. Categories first !
11- A lot of work to do here. The Trillian addition in Google Pack is also weird !

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